13 May 2019

This year, England has been selected as the host of the spring gathering of the European Network of Children’s Ombudsman (ENOC) taking place at BBC Media City, Manchester. ENOC brings together statutory children’s rights bodies from across the EU and beyond, with the purpose of understanding the experiences of children and promoting their rights. The conference will include commissioners and ombudsman from up to 40 countries, along with senior figures from the EU Commission, EU Parliament, academia, as well as the Government, Ofcom and the Information Commissioner’s Office.


Six Year 10 Chorlton High students were invited to attend a ‘young people’s session’ entitled “Responding to children’s wishes” to present a statement to delegates and senior representatives of some of the biggest social media companies, regarding the way they would like their online world to be built. Each student took part in a special preparatory workshop, providing a fantastic learning opportunity as they met with fellow students from Manchester Communication Academy to think about and discuss the social media platforms they currently use. After their presentation our students were able to receive some incredible feedback from Google and Facebook, with each representative answering a range of questions, helping our students to explore their understanding of what may be needed to make an online digital experience fit for young people.

This interesting and enlightening discussion offered a fantastic variety of views, ideas and insight to help stimulate our students digital thinking even further.


Watch our students presentation below:


We are incredibly proud of our students, not only for their exemplary behaviour and conduct during this prestigious event, but also for their incredible attitude towards this fantastic learning opportunity to help shape their future online world.

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