At Chorlton High School, we develop all of our staff as leaders with dynamic pace.  Our school development plan has an ambitious target of all staff accessing a leadership qualification with 3 years at CHS and this is something we aim to consistently deliver on.  We have a personalised approach to staff development.  Upon successful completion of NQT and RQT year, we offer the SSAT Leaders for the Future course to all interested staff.  This is delivered in house and has 6 modules aimed at developing all aspects of leadership, through the execution of a whole school targeted project. In addition to this we offer the SSAT Middle Leaders Programme and PIXL Engagement to all appropriate middle leaders. For more experienced leaders, we offer the ‘Preparing the Lead’ qualification.  This MMU accredited course sees experienced middle leaders take on huge whole school projects, as well as shadowing Senior Leaders in various aspects of the role.  This has led to many of our staff pursuing their Masters in Education.  All lines of leadership development in school have proven incidents of success for many participants who go on to secure leadership posts in school.

“It has been fantastic to have access to such high quality leadership development.  I have been able to really reflect on my own strengths and areas for development and really learn from others in school.  The tools I have picked up have definitely made a positive impact on me, my team and importantly the students as I had the opportunity to lead a whole school project which aimed to develop cultural capital opportunities for some of the most disadvantaged students in school”

Curriculum Leader, Chorlton High School

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