At Chorlton High, we have three school rules which every student follows:

  1. Be ready

  2. Be respectful

  3. Be safe

These clear and simple rules reflect our expectations of how our students conduct themselves throughout the school day and in the local community.

We expect all of our students to:

  • Help and respect everyone in the school and treat others as we would wish to be treated
  • Wear full school uniform at all times
  • Walk along corridors sensibly keeping to the left hand side
  • Report any incidents of bullying
  • Take personal responsibility for actions and conduct
  • Attend all lessons and arrive on time
  • Have all the required books and equipment
  • Listen silently when others are speaking
  • Refrain from chewing, eating or drinking in classrooms
  • Have a strong work ethic and work hard
  • Respect and look after all school and personal property
  • Keep mobile phones switched off at all times during the school day.
  • Put litter in the bins provided
  • Leave valuable items at home
  • Behave in a way that will make people glad that Chorlton High School is part of their community both in term times and school holidays



Chorlton High School is continually developing and extending a range of events and activities to reward our students: we aim to praise our students in lessons and around school on a daily, termly and yearly basis. The ethos of rewards is a central aspect of the school as it encourages a sense of belonging, community and personal responsibility.

Subject Commendations

At the end of each half term, two students from each class will receive a ‘Subject Commendation’. Nominations are made by class teachers and are given for a variety of reasons including: attainment, effort, engagement or significant improvements being made in the subject. Each of these students will receive a ‘Subject Commendation’ certificate which they can place in their CHS record of achievement (all students in all years have a record of achievement).

Teacher Rewards

Our school places a great deal of emphasis on the classroom teacher rewarding students, as it is through rewards that a positive relationship with learning is fostered. Some of our other rewards used by classroom teachers on a daily basis include sending postcards home, positive phone calls home, stickers, department merits and ‘Star of the Lesson’ wall with students’ names displayed on it. Other personalised rewards in place in school include brunch with the Headteacher or letters home from either the Headteacher, members of the Senior Leadership Team or Head of Year.

Celebrate CHS

As part of our whole school ‘work ethic’ drive, we celebrate the success of pupils who consistently work hard in all lessons and strive to produce work to the very best of their ability every day. During ‘Progress Week’, all pupils who have met the average effort level of their year group receive a reward in recognition of their achievements;

Bronze award celebrates students whose effort score is in line with their Year group’s average effort levels.

Silver is awarded to students who have achieved effort scores better than the average of pupils in their year group

The Gold award is for a select group of students in each year group who achieve the very best effort grades for each half term.
End of Year Celebrations

Each year we reward our students for their consistent effort and positive attitude towards learning by organising year group trips and a Year 11 Leavers’ Ball. For students to be considered for these outings, they must demonstrate good or significantly improved attendance and punctuality, high levels of effort in lessons, progress towards their attainment targets and a positive attitude towards learning.

Key Stage 3 Graduation

As a celebration of Key Stage 3 achievements, all Year 8 students will attend a KS3 graduation ceremony. At this event, there will be a variety of awards issued by curriculum areas for attainment and effort. In addition, there will be awards from the Head of Year, the Arts departments and the Headteacher. A further award, the Carol Bodey Award, will be given to a student who, through commitment and dedication, has successfully overcome barriers to learning.

Key Stage 4 Awards Evening

Each autumn, Year 11 students and their parents/carers are invited back to the Key Stage 4 Awards Evening. The event is well attended by those invited as it is a chance to mingle with friends and share with staff their progress since leaving school.

Prizes are handed out for attainment and effort in each Key Stage 4 course as well as rewards from the Head of Year, members of the Senior Leadership Team and the Headteacher.

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