Details of key staff at Chorlton High School are outlined below.

If you wish to contact an individual member of staff please email or telephone us on 0161 8821150.

The Senior Leadership Team

Mr. A. Park Executive Headteacher, Prospere Learning Trust
Ms. Z. Morris Headteacher, Chorlton High School
Mr. J Dawson Deputy Headteacher, Assessment and Curriculum
Mr. C. Harris Deputy Headteacher, Climate for Learning 
Mrs. G. Wilson Deputy Headteacher, Quality of Education
Ms. P. Banger Deputy Headteacher, Achievement
Ms. S. Austin Assistant Headteacher - Director of Inclusion
Ms. G. Xiberras Assistant Headteacher - Director of Student Support
Ms. S. Wickstead Assistant Headteacher - Director of Access and Achievement
Ms. A. Henderson Assistant Headteacher - Director of Progression
Ms. R. Quinn Assistant Headteacher - Director of Curriculum
Ms. C. Morgan Assistant Headteacher - Director of Quality Assurance
Mrs. A. Girault

Assistant Headteacher - Director of Training

Ms. A. Moylan Assistant Headteacher - Director of Challenge

The Student Support Team

Mrs. J Sarwar Head of Upper School
Mrs. C. Wilson Head of Lower School
Ms. D Banton Head of Year 11
Ms. M. Baxter Head of Year 10
Ms. A. Irwin Head of Year 9
Ms. S. Dodds Head of Year 8
Ms J Osborne Head of Year 7
Ms. S Wickstead SENDCO
Ms. M. Roberts Safeguarding Co-ordinator
Ms. D. Clavin Safeguarding Co-ordinator
Ms. T. Ingram Attendance Lead
Mr. C. Mike Attendance Officer
Miss A. Broadhurst Attendance Officer
Ms. R. Hockey Librarian
Ms. J Gaskell Librarian
Miss K. Dumville Mentor 
Mr K. Mitchell Mentor
Ms C. Kilcourse Student Support
Ms M. Mills Student Support
Mr M. Rochford Student Support 
Ms T. Wilks Student Support 

The Curriculum Leadership Team

Mrs. S. Stapley Access & Achievement
Ms. S. Needham Art
Mr. G. Rayworth Computing & Technology
Mr W Darracott Computing
Mrs. S Madeley Dance
Ms. A. Prudhoe Drama
Ms. J. Fusaro English
Mr. M. Scott Geography
Mrs. N. Scott History
Mrs. G Sheehan Mathematics
Ms. R Morrison Media and Film Studies
Mr. S. Felda Modern Foreign Languages
Mr. C. Kirkillis Music
Mr. D. Brownsell PE
Mrs S. Haygarth Religious Education and Respect
Mr R. McCreath Science
Mr C Burns Technology

School Communication

Mr. R. Stout Communication & Marketing


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