The Prospere Learning Trust has ambitious plans and is supporting its academies to become the ‘best that they can be’. I have a strong belief in providing every child in the MAT the opportunity to develop the life skills necessary to become confident and successful 21st century citizens. As Chief Executive Officer, I am working with our central team and academy leaders to achieve this for all students, regardless of starting point.

Our academies are encouraged to develop as their own distinctive institutions, believing this is how they can best respond to local need. We do, however, work within a common structure and ethos rooted within the PLT vision. Good test and examination outcomes are the key to providing the best life chances for children and we are creating a collaborative culture of continuous and joint improvement in teaching and learning with a focus on the basics.  I am a strong advocate for improving disadvantaged pupil/student achievement.

I am very proud to lead the Prospere Learning Trust and encourage you to find out more about us.  If you would like an informal discussion about joining our growing family of schools or working for the Trust, please contact using my email below.

Linda Jones, Chief Executive Officer



Vision & Values

Our Vision

  • To provide exceptional education for children from any background so that they become happy, confident adults with excellent academic knowledge and qualifications.
  • The Prospere Trust is committed to fully comprehensive education and working in and around Greater Manchester to provide inspiring, memorable schooling for all its students.


Our Values

  • High quality educational provision is an entitlement of all young people.
  • Our schools and academies will deliver high standards of academic achievement and personal development.
  • We will recruit, train and retain the very best staff driven by a strong culture of professional development and mutual support in the pursuit of highly effective teaching and the highest levels of student progress.
  • We will be forward thinking and highly aspirational, grounding our strategy and development in the latest educational research.
  • Our academies will be truly comprehensive and inclusive, and rooted within their local community.
  • We will enable all of our students to succeed promoting and providing equal opportunities and equity of provision.
  • We will champion the Cooperative values of Self-help, Self-responsibility, Democracy, Equality, Equity and Solidarity
  • We will operate our organisation with the ethical values of Openness, Honesty, Social Responsibility and Caring for others


Please click HERE for more information about the Prospere Learning Trust.

Please enjoy our Trust newsletter below.

Each issue celebrates the wonderful  achievements, exciting activities, inspiring events and diverse communities of each school within the Prospere Learning Trust.

Prospere Learning Trust Community Newsletter 2021-2022

Prospere Learning Trust Community Newsletter 2020-2021


Chorlton High is proud to be part of the Prospere Learning Trust, alongside:

  • CHS South
  • Piper Hill High School
  • Pioneer House High School
  • Newall Green High School

Our Trust provides excellent opportunities for all students. We are committed to the children of our local communities, offering a comprehensive education in a safe and nurturing environment with an acute focus on academic rigour 


Prospere Learning Trust formed on 1st September 2017.

The accounts for our first year of operation (2017/18) are attached below.

Statutory Accounts


Registered Office: Prospere Learning Trust, Piper Hill High School, Firbank Road, Wythenshawe, M23 2YS 
Registered in England and Wales - Company Number: 10872612


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