‘Be the change that you wish to see in the world’ Mahatma Gandhi

Chorlton High School is a strong vibrant school community in which students are encouraged to be independent, responsible citizens and willing to play an active role in their own community. We are committed to developing partnerships with our local community and undertaking community initiatives to support both our students and the members of our community. 

At our school we wish for all students to make a contribution to the development of our school, local and global community. Our aim is to help our young people become active members of our community; enabling them to develop their understanding of social responsibility, to contribute, take action and to grow into the leaders that  our communities need. 

Our school has a community pledge which shapes our social action and helps to shape our leadership programmes within the school that in turn enable students to gain vital attributes and experience. 

Our Community Pledge:

•    COMMUNITY: We pledge to work as a community and show kindness for others
•    ACTION: We pledges to fundraise for local and global charities to support others
•    CAMPAIGN: We pledge to raise awareness of local and global issues to make changes for the future

As a school, we are keen to offer our students as many opportunities as we can that enables each one to develop into citizens that naturally want to support and care for the community in which they live.  If you are interested in working with us on a community partnership project please contact our Community and Marketing Officer, Richard Stout.

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