Independent Learning Team (ILT)

There are innumerable opportunities for staff to develop their professional skills at Chorlton High School and teachers who regularly deliver lessons at an Outstanding and World Class level are invited to become part of various teams to share their good practice. One of those teams is our ILT: a group of staff who support Curriculum Areas in developing their planning, resources and teaching activities to enable students to become active, resilient and independent learners. This team has provided whole school training on Independent Learning, have worked alongside Curriculum Leaders to support curriculum development and are regularly observed by other staff in the classroom.

Professional Change Process

This is a bespoke coaching programme lead by our Professional Standards Leader and is designed to support teachers moving to ‘Good’. Teachers will be observed, participate in coaching and reflection activities, undertake Learning Walks across the school, observe colleagues, undertake specially designed CPD sessions to target their needs and get subject specific support from their Curriculum Area Mentor.

CPD Monday

Every member of teaching staff is invited to CPD sessions which happen twice every half term. These 45 minute sessions are focused on developing skills in all aspects of teaching and learning and they provide practical strategies for staff to utilise in the classroom, as well as being a forum to work with colleagues from across the curriculum. CPD Monday content is informed by whole school initiatives, audits of professional development needs and the lesson observation cycle – therefore each session is carefully designed to meet staff need, and to be personalised for different cohorts of staff. These voluntary sessions are extremely well attended and positively evaluated by Chorlton High School staff.


Our Chorlton High School INSET days are renowned for their creative approach to developing Teaching and Learning. Recent inset includes CSI Chorlton: where staff forensically investigated student achievement and assessment and ‘Charlie & the Chocolate Factory’ Literacy workshops where staff explored reading and writing strategies via the medium of chocolate! We really do pride ourselves on exciting, dynamic inset which is relevant to our staff and students and genuinely impacts on improving everyday provision.

Feedback from our INSET days has included:

“Simply brilliant! Creative, personalised and extremely useful”.

“I love the fact I could choose what training sessions to attend – it gave me structured time and training to really improve my weaker areas.”

Please see our detailed Teaching Staff Training pages for more specific information on our internal training programmes for Teaching staff.

Working at Chorlton High School

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