Wearing the Chorlton High uniform plays a key role in creating a sense of belonging and positive mindset for our students and they feel proud to wear it. 


  • White buttoned shirt tucked in at all times.
  • Black, full length school trousers (We do not accept chinos, jeans, Jean material, skinny jeans or leggings) or
  • CHS logo branded skirt. (Two styles available to choose from. Please note skirt's length should be a maximum of 2” above the knee or 4” below the knee.)
  • Plain black shoes or all black trainers (No white or coloured soles/rim/logos).
  • Plain black socks/plain black opaque tights.
  • Blazer with embroidered CHS logo - This is compulsory for Year 7-9 and optional for Years 10 and 11.
  • Black jumper/cardigan with our embroidered CHS logo. This is compulsory for Years 10 and 11 if they choose not to wear a blazer and optional for students in Years 7-9.



CHS school tie

Please note that Year 7 students will receive their school tie when they arrive at CHS in September. Each Year group has a different tie. These are shown below.

CHS PE kit

  • T-shirt - black with embroidered CHS logo.
  • Shorts - black shorts with CHS embroidered logo or 
  • Jogging pants - black with CHS embroidered logo.
  • Socks - black football socks.
  • Sports top/Training top - black with CHS embroidered logo - Please note that these items are not compulsory.


Additional regulations and guidance

The following items are not permitted in school:

  • Boots/footwear above the ankle.
  • Non-black trainers or casual sports shoes.
  • Hats or caps.
  • Hooded tops/jumpers/cardigans that are not branded with the CHS logo.



Students may wear the following if they choose to:

  • A wrist watch.
  • One pair of small studded earrings in the lower ear (no hooped/dangly earrings).
  • Make up - this must be discreet and natural.
  • Headscarves, patkas and other religious head wear items must be black.

Please note that the following items are not permitted under any circumstances (Students will be asked to remove them immediately and parents/carers will be informed):

  • False eyelashes 
  • Acrylic nails 
  • Lip/eyebrow piercings

We recommend that all pieces of uniform are labelled clearly with your child’s name. If any items of uniform are misplaced, our Student Services office, based in the main dining room, collects all lost items. These can be reclaimed by students at break and lunchtimes.

All students should have a school bag with them each day to carry their equipment around the site. 

(Please note that in extreme cases, we are able to offer some financial assistance to families who are struggling to cover the cost of purchasing our uniform. Please feel free to discuss this with either our Primary school liaison team, or with our staff during the Year 6 Induction Day or Year 6 Parents' Information Evening).


Failure to wear school uniform

By signing our Home School Agreement, you are agreeing to ensure that your child wears our full school uniform every day for school.
We are able to offer a limited number of ties, blazers and jumpers to lend students for the day if they forget any items. However, students who wear persistently poor uniform will either be sent home to change, and parents informed or will be issued a sanction in line with our behaviour policy.


Uniform Suppliers

Please note, John McHugh are now part of Monkhouse (Schoolwear Specialists).

Please use the Monkhouse website below for online orders.


Unwanted and reusable uniform

Do you have any unwanted and reusable Chorlton High uniform? Please label any uniform donations to Mandy Roberts and hand in at the main reception.

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