Progress Tests

Twice a year students sit their Progress Tests. These assess what students have been learning during the academic year and will test both their declarative and their procedural knowledge. Regular testing of key curricula concepts enables us to monitor this knowledge over time as it builds cumulatively at KS3.

These tests enable teachers to know how ‘secure’ a student’s knowledge is. The security of knowledge is important as KS3 is seen as the bed-rock of knowledge that KS4 qualifications such as GCSEs, BTECs etc are built on. 

To find out what has been taught parents can look at the curricula for each year group in the ‘Our Curriculum’ pages

To find out what is being assessed parents can look at Progress Test information for each year group.

Reporting using Curriculum Statements

After students have sat their Progress Tests teacher class teachers have a broad range of evidence to judge how well students have learnt the taught curriculum. The teacher  judgements will be based mainly on the Progress Tests, but will also be informed by classwork and any interim assessment. We will then report to parents how students are performing in the entire curriculum. The teacher will make professional judgement about how secure the learning is in each subject. They will use one of 5 words, called a Curriculum Statement to describe how well they have remembered and applied what they have been taught.

These Curriculum Statements are:

Emerging: A student working at this level has some knowledge and an emerging understanding of key concepts of the Curriculum. 

Developing: A student working at this level is developing their knowledge as outlined in the Curriculum. They are developing the understanding of the key concepts however they are not yet secure in these.

Secure: A student working at this level is secure in their knowledge. They have mastered key concepts and would get things right the majority of the time.

Extending: A student working at this levels is very sure secure in their knowledge. They are demonstrating that they have a greater depth of understanding and can apply and manipulate knowledge and key concepts

Exceptional: A student working at this level is excelling at a level that is exceptional. They display excellent knowledge, application, and interplay of key concepts that together demonstrate an academic flair for the subject 

Further information will be sent with the reports so that parents know what the above looks like in each subject, in each year.


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