Updated Friday, 23rd Oct 2020

All year groups:

•    Monday 2nd November is an Inset Day and so all students return on Tuesday, 3rd November.

•    As in gets colder after the half term we would really advise students to wear the school jumper under their blazer. A reminder that these can be purchased from the school’s uniform supplier, John McHugh, in the Streford Arndale Centre, or online www.johnmchughschoolwear.co.uk. Having good ventilation in classrooms will be important over the coming months so we will continue to remind students that they may wish to wear a t-shirt or vest under their shirts.

•    If your child would like to take part in BBC School Reporter, time is running out. Use the following link for further details: 

Year 7 and 8 Parents
Not long after half term, students will be completing their first set of progress checkpoints. Checkpoint timetables and planners have been given to your child today and more detailed information has been uploaded to MS teams. During half term we would like students to make a strong start on revision and complete the following:
-    They should put together 3 revision cards for each subject studied. Resources have been shared with students and the information has been shared on the Year Team page. Students will be asked to present and celebrate their collection of revision cards in the first week back after the break.

Year 9 and 10 Parents

Not long after half term, students will be completing their first set of progress checkpoints. Checkpoint timetables and planners have been given to your child today and more detailed information has been uploaded to MS teams. During half term we would like students to make a strong start on revision and complete the following 3 tasks:
-    Using a mind map, give a brief summary of each of the topics learnt in each of your subjects this half-term.
-    To discover one more revision tool – direct to area of website with revision tools.
-    Use this to get to grips with a topic that you found tricky this half term. 

Year 11 Parents

As you are aware students return to complete their GCSE Mock Exams week beginning 3rd November. Students are expected to come to school on time and equipped with correct stationary including scientific calculators in a see-through pencil case. We are also running live revision sessions during half term on MS Teams.  We have uploaded all the information on Year 11 MS Team site and you can also use the following link for more detailed information regarding these mock exams: 

As a parent you can do the following:
-    Familiarise yourself with mock exam timetable.
-    Constant reminder about half term revision session. I have also attached the timetable just in case!
-    Keep them away from digital distractions.
-    Help them come up with practical ideas that will help them revise, such as drawing up a revision schedule or getting hold of past papers for practice or exam revision list. 
-    Make sure they are organised with revision guides, stationary and past papers.
-    If your child is struggling with a specific subject, talk to the relevant teacher or Year 11 team. 
-    Make sure they are eating, drinking and sleeping properly.
-    Reassure them – reinforce that you are, and will be, proud of them no matter what happens.
-    Remain positive and hopeful!



Updated Friday, 16th Oct 2020

Help for parents

  • We are aware this is a very difficult time for families at the moment and we want you to know we can support in many ways. Please call the school on 0161 882 1150 or email staysafe@chorltonhigh.manchester.sch.uk to alert staff that you need some help or support. This support may be regarding food, mental health and wellbeing, bereavement support, health or family support. Please remember, if you feel you need advice to support your family, or are worried and need to talk to somebody then there is always someone in school to speak to Monday to Friday, every week, including the holidays between 8.30-3.00pm

Key reminders: 

  • Year 11 parents’ evening will now take place on Thursday, 26th November 4pm until 6:45pm.

  • Year 8 parents’ evening will take place on Wednesday, 11th November 4pm until 6:45pm.

  • Information for how this will take place will be sent to parents in the coming week.


Updated Friday, 9th Oct 2020

MS Teams reminders:
•    All home learning is issued through MS Teams, in the Assignments Tab of each of the Class Teams.  Students can also track their progress in this section.
•    All daily lessons are uploaded onto Teams, which can be used for students who are self-isolating but also as an excellent daily revision tool to review student learning.
•    Students can ask questions to their teachers using the ‘CHAT’ function.

Summary of other key messages:
•    Over the coming months we need to ensure that there is good ventilation across the school. As the weather continues to cool, students may wish to wear vests or t-shirts underneath their uniform to keep them warm as the windows and doors in classrooms will remain open during the winter period to aid fresh air circulation.
•    Reusable face coverings remain a key aspect of school uniform. If you want to take part in this, please send what face coverings you can, in with your child, and we will distribute these as necessary.
•    Starting next week, we will be welcoming a working Guide Dog into our school, who will be support one of our students.

Updated Friday, 2nd Oct 2020

The process when the school is notified of a positive test result:
•    We immediately carry out a full risk assessment, in line with Public Health England (PHE) guidance.
•    This process identifies all those who have been in ‘close contact’ with the person in question. The school takes a lead on this and works with the individual to identify anyone they feel that have been in ‘close contact’ with in the 48 hours leading up to them starting with symptoms or them testing positive.
•    We then take advice from PHE on any subsequent action that must be taken with all those involved.
•    This invariably means that any identified individuals have to self-isolate for 14 days from their last contact even if they have no symptoms; in some cases, this seems excessive, but this is the clear guidance that we must all follow.
•    We make direct contact with parents where a student is identified as a ‘close contact’ as it helps to ensure prompt action, limits possible spread and safeguards the health and safety of both the student and the wider school community.
•    All decisions are very carefully considered as you can imagine and are reviewed by Senior Leaders across the Trust.
•    We will not routinely alert all parents when we are notified of a positive test result. We need to ensure that the school continues to run calmly without generating additional stress and concern. We also need to respect the privacy of individuals and their families.

Important reminder: How you can support with safety at home?
1.    Be extra vigilant of Covid symptoms:
The most common symptoms of COVID-19 are:
•    recent onset of a new continuous cough and/or
•    a high temperature and/or
•    a loss of, or change in, normal sense of taste or smell (anosmia)
If your child, or anyone in your household, develops these symptoms, your whole household must remain at home and not go to work, school or public areas until a test has been taken by the person who has developed symptoms. Once the results have been received contact with school must be made before a student returns.

Further information is available at www.nhs.uk/coronavirus   

If a student needs to self-isolate, then they should follow their timetable at home as all their work will be available on Teams. Please contact school if you require additional support.

2.    Reinforce messages about social distancing at social times and the need to avoid ‘direct contact’:
(maybe when they are making their way to and from school, during lunchtime or when they are with friends.)

The Public Health England definition of ‘close contact’ includes:
•    face to face contact for any length of time, within 1m, including a face to face conversation, 
•    physical contact (skin to skin) or travel in a small vehicle.

Obviously, we have already been giving students these messages, including some specifics such as: 
•    Avoid having face to face conversations when less than 2m apart without wearing a mask
•    Avoid touching, handshakes and hugging
•    Avoid sharing equipment such as stationary, ICT or instruments etc.
•    If they are walking to school together and are walking closely together, they may need to wear a mask to make sure they are not ‘face to face’ when talking.

If an individual was to test positive, any friends that they have had direct contact with in the 48 hours before will also have to self-isolate, not go out of the home and will have to study from home for 14 days.

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