Updated Friday, 22nd January 2021

This week our letters celebrate the incredibly work that is being completed by all students during this time of distance learning and also recognises a need for more flexibility with live lessons and highlight for each year group where this flexibility can be found:

Flexibility for all Years:
•    All lessons are cut down to a maximum of 50 minutes with a 10-minute comfort break built in.  Students are encouraged to use this time to take a break from the screen, take a walk, get some fresh air and get refreshed.
•    The ‘Happy’ section of the Distance Learning page on the school website details a range of wellbeing activities that we encourage all students to engage with.
•    All lessons are saved in Class Materials in each Class Team to provide some flexibility of student access.
•    Home learning this half term will include ‘off-line’ activities to reduce screen time.

Flexibility for:
Year 7:
Music, Art, Dance, Drama
Pre-recorded lessons that can be accessed at any time during the week.
English, Monday - 1.20-2.30pm – Reading focus.  Teacher will start lesson at normal time, but off-screen reading will be encouraged.
RESPECT – Project based lesson.  Teacher will start the lesson, but it will be a short introduction leading to some off- screen work.

Year 8:
Music, Art, Dance, Drama
Pre-recorded lessons that can be accessed at any time during the week.
English - Friday 10.00-11.00am – Reading focus.  Teacher will start the lesson.
RESPECT – Project based lesson.  Teacher will start the lesson, but it will be a short introduction leading to some off- screen work.

Year 9:
PE – Pick and Mix PE Menu – Couch to 5K, Cycling, HIIT, Yoga, Step, Golf skills, Football manipulation, Low weight resistance. This can be accessed at any time.
RESPECT – A pre-recorded short session which leads students onto a project-based activity.  This can be accessed at any time.
Year 9 Triple Lessons – regular breaks, independent learning focus in the third period.
English - Reading Lesson- Thursday 10am.  Teacher will start the lesson, but off-screen reading will be encouraged.

Year 10: 
PE – Pick and Mix PE Menu – Couch to 5K, Cycling, HIIT, Yoga, Step, Golf skills, Football manipulation, Low weight resistance.  This can be accessed at any time.
RESPECT – A pre-recorded short session which leads students onto a project-based activity which can be accessed at any time.
English - Reading Lesson-Friday 11-12pm.  Teacher will start the lesson, but off-screen reading will be encouraged.

Year 11:
PE – Pick and Mix PE Menu – Couch to 5K, Cycling, HIIT, Yoga, Step, Golf skills, Football manipulation, Low weight resistance
Life Skills - Independently focused wellbeing and personal development time. The instructions will be placed in class materials, but the tasks to be completed off screen.

We also shared with parents the school rules around digital conduct.

Other key updates to be expected by the school for the following year groups:
Year 8 – In the coming couple of weeks, the school will share with parents the Pathways process for their child.
Year 11 – The school will issue an exam update next week to both students and parents.


Updated Friday, 15th January 2021

It has been another successful week of lessons for our wonderful students and we know that a large part of their success is also the support given by you – thank you.

We have received some very useful feedback on distance learning this week but wanted to give all parents the opportunity to share their thoughts and support the further development of our distance learning provision. With this in mind, please will you complete the short survey using the following link: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/DistanceLearningParentsSurveyJan21

We also wanted to thank parents for the feedback provided in the survey before Christmas and let you know that whilst plans changed during our INSET day in January, due to the current situation, this feedback will still be used for future planning. Thank you!

Year 9 Parents’ Evening
We are pleased to confirm that the Year 9 Parents’ Evening will go ahead virtually on Wednesday 3rd February. Further information to help Year 9 parents access this event will be sent out on Monday.

We need to make all parents aware that on the date of the Year 9 Parents’ Evening, lessons 3, 4 and 5 will be accessed by all students independently, via MS Teams, as teachers will not be delivering live lessons during this time.  We will speak to students about this but wanted to share this will all parents in advance.

Later today we publish our latest Chorlton Connection. This is our fortnightly newsletter which celebrates all the amazing work and achievements of our students. It is sent via email and can be found on the school website. We also encourage parents who don’t already to follow us on Twitter @chorltonhigh and Instagram chorltonhighschool 

Useful links

Forget your password? -  Speak to your teacher or Head of Year who can reset your account details.  If not, email microsofthelp@prospere.org.uk

Staying active when working online - https://www.bupa.co.uk/newsroom/ourviews/desk-stretches

Online Safety
•    SafeToNet is an app for parents to help them safeguard their children from online risks, like cyberbullying and sexting, whilst respecting their child’s rights to privacy. The SafeToNet Foundation is providing UK families with free access to 1 million licences during coronavirus.
•    Internet Matters has provided step-by-step guides on how to set up parental controls so that you can control what content your child can access online

Government guidance around how parents can help to keep their children safe online. 

The school's digital safety guidance - https://www.chorltonhigh.manchester.sch.uk/chs-distance-learning/happy


Updated Friday, 8th January 2021

What an incredible week of distance learning! Please pass on to our students how proud we are of their engagement with distance learning. Whilst this is not at all what we want and if it was safe to do so we would much prefer to teach our students in our classrooms, students have really risen to the challenge of live lessons and their teachers couldn’t be happier with them. Equally, a big thank you to parents for your unwavering support.


In terms of updates, and due to the increased communication this week, we only have a couple of messages for parents in this letter. 

Next week, live lessons will continue for all Year groups, in all subjects apart from Years 7 and 8 Dance, Drama, Music and Art lessons. We have received feedback that 5 hours online can be difficult for our younger students. This allows us to reduce the amount of screen time for students in these Year groups, gives us the capacity to run our vulnerable student provision and will help develop the enrichment offer for all students. All lessons for these subjects will be posted in student’s Class Team starting from Monday next week. Students may still complete these lessons at the normal timetabled time, however it will also give families the flexibility for these to be completed later in the day, if appropriate.  These lessons will enable students to develop their creative skills through practical projects. 

We are also aware that it is a difficult time for many of our families for many different reasons. So, we wanted to share with you the following link to our website where we are putting together a collection of ways families can access support available for: Food, Heat, Benefit, Mental Health, Mobile Device Access. This information will be available, using this link, from Monday. If you know of any useful support families might benefit from, please let the school know and we will share this. https://www.chorltonhigh.manchester.sch.uk/family

We hope you have a good weekend. We look forward to seeing our students back online on Monday, starting our second week of live lessons.

Updated Wednesday, 6th January 2021

Further Government updates

School Closure Update
As you are aware the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, announced the closure of schools to all students, apart from those who are children of key workers or those who are considered vulnerable. 

This now means that during the Spring 1 half term: 
1.    School is closed to all students, except children of critical key workers or those who are considered vulnerable.
2.    All other students should remain at home and access their learning through our MS Teams remote learning platform, where students will access a mixture of live lessons and independent study. 

We are hoping that students will return to us after the February break and will keep you updated with any information we have over the course of the coming weeks.

Year 11 Exams
You will be aware that during the Prime Minister’s address on Monday 4th January, it was explained that it is not possible, or fair, for all exams to go ahead as normal this summer. On the 6th January, Secretary of State for Education announced that all exam grades will be decided through teacher assessment.  As a school, we will ensure that there is a robust and fair assessment process in place. We acknowledge the hard work that has been demonstrated by our Year 11 students and it will be important for them to continue this, to deliver the evidence which will support them in securing the very best grades.

There are some vocational exams scheduled for the next two weeks that will continue. We will contact parents individually if this applies to your child.

Distance learning and support
Students have had an incredibly positive start to their distance learning, and we want to say well done to them. There will be some technical difficulties which we will continue to work through.   We really appreciate your patience and understanding with this.

To further support the use of MS Teams, we wanted to draw your attention to where support materials can be found on our website.  This contains everything you need to know for successful distance learning:  https://www.chorltonhigh.manchester.sch.uk/chs-distance-learning/distance-learning-introduction-and-routine/using-microsoft-office-365.  


Updated Friday, 18th Dec 2020

Thank you for all your support this half term.

  • Well done to our students for their creativity and numerous charity drives
  • We will continue to contact trace until Christmas Eve. Please email us if your child receives a positive test using admin@chorltonhigh.manchester.sch.uk 
  • The Government has announced that at the start of term that only Year 11, vulnerable and key workers children will return to school. Others students will stay at home and learn online. This is to  reduce the rates of transmission of the Covid-19 virus
  • All Year 11 students should return to school on Tuesday 5th January 2020, where their lessons will continue as normal, as far as is possible.
  • All students in Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 will remain at home from Tuesday 5th to Friday 8th January and access their learning through our MS Teams remote learning platform. We will provide parents with further details to support this by 3pm on Monday 4th January
  • If you believe you child falls into the vulnerable or keyworker categories and would like to take up the ‘in school’ provision then please can you email the school admin email address admin@chorltonhigh.manchester.sch.uk by 1pm on Monday 4th January to notify us. 
  • Wishing you a lovely Christmas, and a happy, healthy New Year.


Updated Friday, 11th Dec 2020

•    Thank you to all parents who completed the survey sent out last week. This will feed into the work we complete during the January INSET Day, where we will review our current offer and plan for the future.

Last week arrangements
•    On Thursday 17th December we will be having our Christmas dinner day. This will be observed in a socially distance manner, so it may well take us all day! It is also our Christmas Accessories Day, when students can accessorise their uniform with a festive item, in return for a donation to their Year group charity.

•    On Friday 18th December we have an early finish: 1.30pm for Years 7 to 9, and 1.45 for Years 10 and 11. 

School Covid-19 Contact Tracing until Tuesday, 22nd December:
•    If your child develops Covid symptoms then please arrange for them to be tested as soon as possible. 
•    If your child goes for a Covid-19 test and the result is positive, please contact the school as soon as possible by email, using the school’s admin email address: admin@chorltonhigh.manchester.sch.uk
•    This mailbox will be remotely supervised from Monday 21st to Thursday, 24th December.
•    If the school is notified of a positive case, we will then email the parents of students who have been noted as close contacts in lessons. Please check your emails daily to ensure you are not affected
•    This process will be managed remotely, as the school is officially closed. There will not be anyone in school who can take a call at this time, however the email will give the details of how to receive any further support.
•    After 24th December you would need to contact Test & Trace for further advice as it would no longer have an impact on the school community.
•    If your child has developed symptoms or tested positive for Covid near the start of the new term then please notify school on Monday 4th January 2021 so we can ensure that we can provide appropriate support.
•    Students should return to school as normal on Tuesday 5th January 2021

This means our team will, after an incredibly hard year, be on duty up until to and including Christmas Eve to play their part in keeping our community safe. Please can we remind all parents that if anyone in your household has any symptoms, your child stays at home until the person has had a Covid test and received the result. They may only return to school if this result is negative. 

Digital Safety Updates
•    See attachment sent on email to read important information regarding supporting your child’s digital safety

Updated Friday, 4 Dec 2020

We are coming towards the end of the first term back after school closure and the school would value immensely your feedback around how this has been for your child and you as their parents. We always take time to reflect and consider how we can improve moving forward and your place in this development is invaluable. Please can you take 5 minutes to complete the survey using this link: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/LB3VCDC

Updated Friday, 27 Nov 2020

Thanks to all Year 11 Parents who attended the virtual Parents' Evening

This week we wanted to share some key messages about our Home Learning offer:
•    All home learning tasks for all year groups are issued on MS TEAMS.  You can monitor and support your child’s home learning by logging in with them
•    Each student has a personal class team for every one of their subjects
•    Every day – their teacher uploads the lesson materials onto the ‘Files’ section of class teams. 
•    Students can revise and revisit key materials from lesson each day and use the CHS Secrets to Success for the most effective revision strategies.  We have attached a copy of this for your information. 
•    Students should follow their normal timetable and the normal school day
•    All lesson materials are saved in the ‘Files’ Section of each Class Team every-day. 
•    Students complete all Assignments set in their Assignments tab
•    Students use the CHAT function to communicate with their teacher to ask questions or submit any completed work.
•    If your child’s entire class has been advised to self-isolate, students will have access to a live lesson schedule.  In Year 7 and 8, this will happen for almost all of their subjects each day.  For Year 9-11, this will be made available in Core Subjects.  Students should join Live Lessons through their Calendar in MS Teams
•    Teams can be accessed through the MS Teams App or through the web on www.office.com. Teams is accessible through all digital devices, including laptops, chromebooks, ipads and apple and android phones.   

Updated Friday, 20 Nov 2020

  • Progress checkpoints started really well for Year 7 -10, these continue over the next week. For further information click this link: https://www.chorltonhigh.manchester.sch.uk/student-life/assessment-and-reporting/year-7-9-progress-tests
  • Year 11 have completed their mock exams, any catch up exams will be completed over the next couple of weeks and the feedback process will begin. 
  • If you want to see more detailed information regarding your child’s curriculum, please click the link:
  •  Year 11 Virtual Parents’ Evening is next Thursday (26th November). If you have any concerns about how to access the video call system, please call or email the school and we will support you.
  •  A reminder that Friday, 27th November is an Inset Day so no students will be in school.


Updated Friday, 13th Nov 2020

Students have returned from half term really well

  • Due to a large amount of staff absence created by illness, self-isolation and contact tracing the school want to share with parents that there might come a time in the near future where we are unable to offer full school provision and may need to close to one or two year groups
  • The decision to close the school to any students will not be taken lightly and we will give parents as much notice as we can
  • If we have to make the decision to close to a year group, our intention is that this will be shared amongst different year groups, students will continue to work on MS teams, where staffing levels allow, we will offer live lessons in core subjects and no one year group will be out for more than several days in any given week
  • We hope to retain Year 11 at all times due to this year being an examination year for the students
  • We are sharing this information with the hope that this is not a route we have to go down but feel it is our duty to keep our parents updated
  • Progress checkpoints begin for Year 7 – Year 10 next week. Please CLICK HERE for more information
  • Please catch our fortnightly newsletter, Chorlton Connection, that will be emailed to you later this afternoon


Updated Friday, 06th Nov 2020

Year 7 -10 

- We have been really impressed with the positive attitude students have returned to school with

- Students should be revising for progress checkpoints that start on 16th November

- All year groups begin their charity drive as part of their pastoral curriculum

- Year 8 have a virtual parents' evening next week on 11th November 2020 - 4 pm until 4:30 pm.


Year 11

- We have been really impressed with the positive attitude students have returned to school with

- Year 11 have started their mock exams and these will continue next week

- Year 11 parents' evening is on Thursday, 23rd November and will be held virtually through our parent booking system

- College applications and personal statements are due in by Tuesday, 1st December


Updated Friday, 23rd Oct 2020

All year groups:

•    Monday 2nd November is an Inset Day and so all students return on Tuesday, 3rd November.

•    As in gets colder after the half term we would really advise students to wear the school jumper under their blazer. A reminder that these can be purchased from the school’s uniform supplier, John McHugh, in the Streford Arndale Centre, or online www.johnmchughschoolwear.co.uk. Having good ventilation in classrooms will be important over the coming months so we will continue to remind students that they may wish to wear a t-shirt or vest under their shirts.

•    If your child would like to take part in BBC School Reporter, time is running out. Use the following link for further details: 

Year 7 and 8 Parents
Not long after half term, students will be completing their first set of progress checkpoints. Checkpoint timetables and planners have been given to your child today and more detailed information has been uploaded to MS teams. During half term we would like students to make a strong start on revision and complete the following:
-    They should put together 3 revision cards for each subject studied. Resources have been shared with students and the information has been shared on the Year Team page. Students will be asked to present and celebrate their collection of revision cards in the first week back after the break.

Year 9 and 10 Parents

Not long after half term, students will be completing their first set of progress checkpoints. Checkpoint timetables and planners have been given to your child today and more detailed information has been uploaded to MS teams. During half term we would like students to make a strong start on revision and complete the following 3 tasks:
-    Using a mind map, give a brief summary of each of the topics learnt in each of your subjects this half-term.
-    To discover one more revision tool – direct to area of website with revision tools.
-    Use this to get to grips with a topic that you found tricky this half term. 

Year 11 Parents

As you are aware students return to complete their GCSE Mock Exams week beginning 3rd November. Students are expected to come to school on time and equipped with correct stationary including scientific calculators in a see-through pencil case. We are also running live revision sessions during half term on MS Teams.  We have uploaded all the information on Year 11 MS Team site and you can also use the following link for more detailed information regarding these mock exams: 

As a parent you can do the following:
-    Familiarise yourself with mock exam timetable.
-    Constant reminder about half term revision session. I have also attached the timetable just in case!
-    Keep them away from digital distractions.
-    Help them come up with practical ideas that will help them revise, such as drawing up a revision schedule or getting hold of past papers for practice or exam revision list. 
-    Make sure they are organised with revision guides, stationary and past papers.
-    If your child is struggling with a specific subject, talk to the relevant teacher or Year 11 team. 
-    Make sure they are eating, drinking and sleeping properly.
-    Reassure them – reinforce that you are, and will be, proud of them no matter what happens.
-    Remain positive and hopeful!



Updated Friday, 16th Oct 2020

Help for parents

  • We are aware this is a very difficult time for families at the moment and we want you to know we can support in many ways. Please call the school on 0161 882 1150 or email staysafe@chorltonhigh.manchester.sch.uk to alert staff that you need some help or support. This support may be regarding food, mental health and wellbeing, bereavement support, health or family support. Please remember, if you feel you need advice to support your family, or are worried and need to talk to somebody then there is always someone in school to speak to Monday to Friday, every week, including the holidays between 8.30-3.00pm

Key reminders: 

  • Year 11 parents’ evening will now take place on Thursday, 26th November 4pm until 6:45pm.

  • Year 8 parents’ evening will take place on Wednesday, 11th November 4pm until 6:45pm.

  • Information for how this will take place will be sent to parents in the coming week.


Updated Friday, 9th Oct 2020

MS Teams reminders:
•    All home learning is issued through MS Teams, in the Assignments Tab of each of the Class Teams.  Students can also track their progress in this section.
•    All daily lessons are uploaded onto Teams, which can be used for students who are self-isolating but also as an excellent daily revision tool to review student learning.
•    Students can ask questions to their teachers using the ‘CHAT’ function.

Summary of other key messages:
•    Over the coming months we need to ensure that there is good ventilation across the school. As the weather continues to cool, students may wish to wear vests or t-shirts underneath their uniform to keep them warm as the windows and doors in classrooms will remain open during the winter period to aid fresh air circulation.
•    Reusable face coverings remain a key aspect of school uniform. If you want to take part in this, please send what face coverings you can, in with your child, and we will distribute these as necessary.
•    Starting next week, we will be welcoming a working Guide Dog into our school, who will be support one of our students.

Updated Friday, 2nd Oct 2020

The process when the school is notified of a positive test result:
•    We immediately carry out a full risk assessment, in line with Public Health England (PHE) guidance.
•    This process identifies all those who have been in ‘close contact’ with the person in question. The school takes a lead on this and works with the individual to identify anyone they feel that have been in ‘close contact’ with in the 48 hours leading up to them starting with symptoms or them testing positive.
•    We then take advice from PHE on any subsequent action that must be taken with all those involved.
•    This invariably means that any identified individuals have to self-isolate for 14 days from their last contact even if they have no symptoms; in some cases, this seems excessive, but this is the clear guidance that we must all follow.
•    We make direct contact with parents where a student is identified as a ‘close contact’ as it helps to ensure prompt action, limits possible spread and safeguards the health and safety of both the student and the wider school community.
•    All decisions are very carefully considered as you can imagine and are reviewed by Senior Leaders across the Trust.
•    We will not routinely alert all parents when we are notified of a positive test result. We need to ensure that the school continues to run calmly without generating additional stress and concern. We also need to respect the privacy of individuals and their families.

Important reminder: How you can support with safety at home?
1.    Be extra vigilant of Covid symptoms:
The most common symptoms of COVID-19 are:
•    recent onset of a new continuous cough and/or
•    a high temperature and/or
•    a loss of, or change in, normal sense of taste or smell (anosmia)
If your child, or anyone in your household, develops these symptoms, your whole household must remain at home and not go to work, school or public areas until a test has been taken by the person who has developed symptoms. Once the results have been received contact with school must be made before a student returns.

Further information is available at www.nhs.uk/coronavirus   

If a student needs to self-isolate, then they should follow their timetable at home as all their work will be available on Teams. Please contact school if you require additional support.

2.    Reinforce messages about social distancing at social times and the need to avoid ‘direct contact’:
(maybe when they are making their way to and from school, during lunchtime or when they are with friends.)

The Public Health England definition of ‘close contact’ includes:
•    face to face contact for any length of time, within 1m, including a face to face conversation, 
•    physical contact (skin to skin) or travel in a small vehicle.

Obviously, we have already been giving students these messages, including some specifics such as: 
•    Avoid having face to face conversations when less than 2m apart without wearing a mask
•    Avoid touching, handshakes and hugging
•    Avoid sharing equipment such as stationary, ICT or instruments etc.
•    If they are walking to school together and are walking closely together, they may need to wear a mask to make sure they are not ‘face to face’ when talking.

If an individual was to test positive, any friends that they have had direct contact with in the 48 hours before will also have to self-isolate, not go out of the home and will have to study from home for 14 days.

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