Chorlton High School is committed to ensuring that all young people are supported to achieve their potential academically and to develop the skills and attributes necessary to succeed within higher education and future employment. As a truly comprehensive school, we recognise that our community is made up of students from diverse socio-economic and cultural backgrounds and we work closely with all stakeholders to ensure we inspire aspiration for all and provide every student with the very best education and outcomes.

Our disadvantage strategy is borne from our school journey over the last ten years and is aligned with our school development plan. It focuses on ensuring the best quality of education that meets the needs of all students, and reflects our core values - SUCCESSFUL, CREATIVE and HAPPY.

The development of the whole child is important to us. We provide a range of socially and culturally enriching experiences to ensure students fully engage with school life and feel a sense of belonging.

We know that one of the ‘best bets’ for improving outcomes for disadvantaged students is high quality teaching. We therefore have a resolute focus on effective professional development to develop a culture of inquiry and innovation.

Our curriculum reflects the diversity of our community and our CHS Learning Model sets out our ambitious vision for evidence-informed practice, emphasising the importance explicit instruction and developing self-regulated, metacognitive scholars.

We prioritise the development of language and literacy because we know this is at the heart of improving educational outcomes. Our reading for pleasure and progress strategy is effective because it is informed by diagnostic assessment and teachers are supported to deliver through a subject disciplinary lens.

We are acutely aware of the impact of students’ mental health on their attendance, participation in lessons and success. We take a proactive approach to mitigate this through our Respect and pastoral curriculum and target additional support through a multi-disciplinary approach.

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