Chorlton High School is open to all girls and boys of all religious and cultural backgrounds. We are proud of being a truly comprehensive, mixed High School serving our local community.

Admission to Chorlton High School in all year groups is through the Manchester Admissions Office and follows current City Council policy.  The admissions office can be contacted at:
Manchester City Council

Directorate for Children and Commissioning Services
Integrated Admissions Team
PO Box 532
Town Hall Extension
M60 2LA
Tel 0161 245 7166 or via

We understand that coming to a new school part way through a school year can be quite daunting for all involved, and we hope to make this as stress free a process as possible.

Once allocated a place you will be contacted by our Admissions Officer.

Your details will be passed to the Head of Year into which your child will be going and they will contact you to arrange an admissions meeting.

We endeavour to ensure all new admissions are appropriately placed to ensure they can access learning tailored to meet their needs; this will be reviewed on a half termly basis.

If you have any questions or concerns about your child’s admission to Chorlton High School, please contact our Admissions Officer on  0161 882 1150

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