Our intention is that the transition phase secures learners’ future success, happiness and creativity at Chorlton High School and beyond. Transition is the ‘launch pad’ into Year 7, students start out on their new journey and we want them to feel excited, supported and enthused about their futures.

Individual to each student, this period is awash with anticipation. New horizons are explored as we offer an environment filled with possibility and opportunity. Our Transition Team work alongside primary teachers to present a programme of inspiring activities for our students as we focus heavily to support a happy and smooth transition during Key Stage 2.

When the Summer Term begins, we visit Year 6 students in their own classrooms, accompanied by a group of our current Year 7 'buddies' who will support them when they arrive, later in the year. In June, we run our 'Induction Day', inviting incoming students to meet teaching staff, enjoy lessons and build new friendships.



Become a valuable member of our successful, creative and happy community.

As parents of Chorlton High School students, you will be invited to an 'Induction Evening'. This is the inaugural step in the five year partnership between our school and you. We will provide you with further information and our staff will answer any questions you may still have in anticipation of your child beginning their Learning Journey with us.

We are here for conversation, discussion and to support with your child's education, enrichment, and future success.

Throughout the year, we offer regular Parents' Evenings and events where you will have the opportunity to speak with your child's subject teachers, digging deeper into their learning and progress.

We encourage you to become a valuable member of our community. Your ongoing involvement and feedback are vital to the continued success and development of our school.




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