We encourage students to travel to school either on foot, by bike or by public transport in order to minimise the impact of cars on our local community.

Travel by bike

For students arriving by bike we provide a compound next to the Blue Box Theatre where bicycles can be locked up securely. It is intended that students use this facility whilst they are in school all day.  The area is covered by our CCTV cameras and is securely padlocked by site staff during school hours.

Chorlton High School encourages a responsible and a pro-active approach to bicycle security within school and the wider community.

We advise that students:

  • Lock the bike to an immovable object (not to a friend’s bike) with a good quality lock
  • Make a record of the frame number (usually dye stamped by the manufacturer under the pedal hub) and keep it in a safe place
  • Keep other types of ‘proof of ownership’ like receipts or even a digital picture of the bike and the student
  • Try not to bring a bike with quick release features such as wheels and saddles
  • Make a note of the make, colour(s), frame size, wheel size and any distinguishing features such as suspension and disc brakes

Bicycles at Chorlton High School are left at the owner’s risk whilst on school property, but we feel that by taking the precautions outlined above, students can reduce that risk to an acceptable level.

Travel by bus

Many of our students use the bus to get to school. We recommend that students buy bus passes to reduce the amount of cash they bring to school. All students wishing to travel by bus must ensure they have a new IGO pass to ensure that they qualify for child fares. Any students without an IGO pass will be charged the full adult fare for the journey.

Students who travel a significant distance to school may be eligible for a free school travel pass. Application forms and details are available from the Student Services office.

The Number 22 bus stop on Mauldeth Road West is staffed by senior staff at the end of school, to ensure that students get on the bus safely with due regard to members of the public.

The school prides itself on the good relationships with the bus operating companies. Students need to remember that they are representing the school whilst on the buses and that they should behave in an respectful and appropriate manner.

Travel by car

Parents are reminded that for safety reasons students travelling by car must arrange to be dropped off and collected outside the school grounds.

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