9 May 2019

Our CHS History and RE departments recently arranged a fantastic weekend residential to Berlin. This provided Year 9 and 10 students with an amazing opportunity to enrich their cultural experience and understanding to help develop their thinking towards becoming active and socially conscious members of society.

As part of their History studies, students learn about the Weimar Republic and Nazi Germany, as well as the Cold War Period between 1943-90. This first-hand experience enables students to directly relate their knowledge with real life examples, engaging students’ learning far beyond the classroom and helping to deepen their understanding of the prejudice and discrimination affecting German society at this time.

Students took the opportunity to question the ways civil liberties and democracy were eroded through the Nazi dictatorship and the occupation of the USSR after the end of the Second World War. They also reflected upon the past choices made and effects created by those in positions of power, comparing and contrasting their reasoning to the decisions made by politicians today.

Ms Sanderson, Curriculum Leader for History, helped to curate a brilliantly thoughtful itinerary to help balance the challenging and difficult nature of historic sites such as the Stasi prison of Hohenschönhausen (where inmates were deprived of their human rights), and the Concentration Camp Sachsenhausen (which housed political prisoners), with the many amazing sights and attractions Berlin offers, such as the East Side Gallery, DDR Museum, and the German Bundestag, where students enjoyed an amazing rooftop sunset! Students also enjoyed a traditional Berliner meal of meatballs and apfelstrudel with custard at the restaurant Nante-Eck.

During their time in Berlin our students walked nearly 30 miles whilst experiencing this amazing city and embracing it’s difficult but rich history, and it’s freezing weather! We were so impressed with the way they took this opportunity to learn whilst growing their friendships with laughter and conversation over currywurst, pretzels and ice cream!

A huge thank you to our amazing tour guides of Anglia Tours – Roger Lye and Andy Lock, who were extremely impressed with all of our students, commenting:

‘You can understand the values of a school by their students, and your students are fantastic – they’re real characters, they’re personable, they’ve got something about them. You don’t get that with every school.’

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