The Chorlton High School Personal Development Learning Journey enables our students to flourish, preparing them for the opportunities, responsibilities, and experiences of adult life.

It provides a clear pathway towards achieving success by drawing together the strands of personal, social, physical, spiritual, moral and cultural education. Together, these are combined alongside their academic and pastoral curriculum and plotted in The Chorlton Curriculum: PSMSCP Provision.



Our rich curriculum nurtures the knowledge, skills and personal qualities our students need to become:



Learners who gain deep and powerful knowledge in preparation for life; combining academic rigour, curiosity and creative flair.

Learners will:

  • Achieve academic standards of excellence enabling them to excel against any competition nationally.
  • Experience a rich, exciting curriculum that leaves them able to make powerful choices about their future ambitions.



Learners who are imaginative, optimistic and inventive; finding their voice to become effective communicators prepared for lifelong adaptability.

Learners will:

  • Experience creative teaching that makes learning engaging and allows them to think independently and be confident citizens.
  • Be expected to embrace a diverse and cutting edge range of creative opportunities both inside and outside the classroom.



Learners who are confident, resilient, well-rounded citizens; they understand the world’s communities and are ready to discover their place in it.

Learners will:

  • Be proud of their achievements and for the progress they make, and have these achievements celebrated and recorded.
  • Develop positive, secure relationships so that they flourish and have a powerful sense of their own potential.


The journey from Primary to Secondary education

Before arriving in Year 7 learners are supported to begin their Learning Journey with us.

Our carefully designed and consciously crafted Transition process enables young people with opportunities to visit our school building, try out their new uniform and engage with our school curriculum, ethos, staff and facilities.


Preparing for take-off

Engineered in Year 5 and Year 6, our secondary school 'Launch Pad' is our 'Primary Arts Outreach programme' and also, 'A Centre of Excellence for the Arts'.

From Year 1 upwards, local Primary schools (across South Manchester) benefit from working with our Chorlton High liaison, a specialist teacher in Drama. In Year 5, students bring to life an exciting and dynamic Shakespeare production. This collaborative experience helps to build confidence and communication skills, alongside nurturing a new sense of community. Their work is celebrated at an extra special event, welcoming parents, and guardians into our Blue Box Theatre, to enjoy both a wonderful stage show and introduction to creativity at Chorlton High.

The creative journey continues as Year 5 learners begin their ‘Pupils with a Passion masterclasses'. These sessions are designed to embolden young creativity through shared activities and extended learning within a particular subject. Students work alongside expert teachers and gain opportunities to experiment; developing independent learning skills as preparation for Year 7, and explore; the beginnings of new friendship groups.

Family remains our focus throughout the year. Primary learners, their parents and guardians are invited to Chorlton High to take part in our ‘Family Reading programme’, a workshop developed around a chosen novel (a current Chorlton Book Award nominee).

Gifted and Talented learners from Year 5 and Year 6 are welcomed into ‘Exceeding Expectations classes', enjoying English, Maths and Science lessons, delivered by our subject specialists. These sessions are a fantastic opportunity to work with staff, getting to know familiar faces and extending their learning skills. Student activities are coordinated by our dedicated Transition Coordinator, serving as a regular point of contact and another friendly face.

From Year 6, our ‘Peer-to-Peer Mentoring programme’ provides a valuable secondary school experience. Our ‘Peer Mentors’ offer young learners’ advice, information, and support, helping to build important networks, life skills and relationships with current Chorlton High students. The programme encompasses a wider view of life at Chorlton High. ‘Peer Educators’ deliver reading and sports activities, our ‘Global Dimension Peer Education programme’ explores issues that link us, with empathy, to others, and our superb ‘Transition Buddies’ (current Chorlton High students) provide excellent grass roots support for learners as they make the transition to our school.

Our ‘New Beginnings programme’ gives an insight into how we approach teaching, and a friendly outlet for Primary learners to communicate their feelings. Transition specialists visit local Primary schools to meet with Year 6 students, sharing stories with learners, providing opportunities to be listened to and discuss their thoughts further.

The purpose of our 'Transition Curriculum' is to bridge the gap from primary school to secondary school as empathetically and efficiently as possible. Before arriving, learners in our partner primary schools, access reading workshops led by our ‘Transition Team’ (based on the latest ‘Read Manchester’s - Transition Read’) to study the chosen book. During their first two weeks of Year 7, new learners will continue exploring the themes of the novel in school, providing a familiar learning link between Year 6 and Year 7.

During the Summer term, all prospective Chorlton High School learners are invited to attend our ‘Induction Day’. Learners enjoy a full day of lessons in many different subjects, they meet their new teachers, new classmates and friends, familiarising themselves with our school building and its facilities, ready to begin their Year 7 'Learning Journey' with us in September.


Read and download our CHS Learning Journey Booklet below:

Learning Journey Booklet


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