Here, you should find all the relevant information for GCSE External Examinations and College Entry Examinations.


GCSE and Vocational Qualifications Exam Timetable Summer 2024

The timetable below shows the exams for all exams across the series. Students have been given a personalised exam timetable which shows the exam dates and times for the subjects they are studying. 


Exam Support and Preparation 

The video below shows a presentation shared with parents during a Parents Information Evening hosted on Thursday 21st March 2024. 

A copy of the presentation can also be found below. This outlines key messages for English, MFL (Languages), Science and Maths, as well as some key exam messaging and the importance of revision planning. 

Revision Clock 

The revision clock is designed to help students break down their time revising for exams and assessments. It follows a Map, Master, Move Forward and Check approach.

The first 10 minutes:

  • Review your knowledge – What do you already know?

The next 20 minutes:

  • Learn – Purposeful Practice through revision activities.

The next 20 minutes:

  • Practice – Retrieval Practice to self-test and complete practice questions.

The last 10 minutes:

  • Check – Check your answers then review and update your revision list based on how secure you now feel.


Revision Resources - GCSE Pod and SENECA Learning

There are two main revision sites that students can use for revision. These are to support students with revision for most of their subjects. 

Students have accounts for both GCSE Pod and SENECA Learning. Their username will be their Prospere email address (for example Their passwords have been shared with them already, but if they forget and need a reminder, they can ask a teacher in school or get in contact with Mr Rayworth on Microsoft Teams or in school in F49. 

Below is a short video presentation about how best to use each Revision Site for preparing for Exams. 

CHS Student Intranet (Home Study Site)

The student intranet site is a page with lots of additional resources and revision tools which students can use. They will find copies of their revision lists, PLC's, Knowledge organisers and lots of other tips and hints to use throughout their exam preparation.


Easter Revision 



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