30 January 2023

Image of Ginkgo Tree Planting

“I am delighted to join with students from Chorlton High School to plant this tree of peace in its grounds. The story of these seeds is rich and rewarding. They are great symbols of peace and of how important nature is in restoring life after disaster and pain. As a Vice President of Mayors for Peace, I know how closely Manchester values its links with Hiroshima and Nagasaki, as well as many other cities dedicated for peace around Europe and the world. I hope the schoolchildren value their new peace tree and its growth reminds them of the need for peace around our world.”.

- Councillor Donna Ludford, The Lord Mayor of Manchester



As a symbol, trees embody resilience, a quiet strength and longevity.

Seedling, sapling to towering majesty they stand as a reminder of our shared earth. A place for us all to grow, rich in Optimism, Resiliency, and Motivated to stretch ever upwards.

On August 6th, 1945, 6 Ginkgo trees of Hiroshima stood firm. They remained. Even as an atomic blast tore the ground around them, they remained. Steadfast in nature’s continuum to keep growing.

The cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki attacked and destroyed, its population devastated in the aftermath of detonation. Hopeless and in darkness, but willing to regroup, rebuild and begin again. New foundations dug, deepening of roots, broadening of shoulders, and outstretching of arms as branches. Each day, hopeful again for the burgeoning of blossom, growth, leaves, and seeds.

Seeds harvested and delivered to cities around the world. A gift, new life from old and a conflicted reminder of nature’s fragile relationship against the controlled aggression of humankind. Welcomed, nurtured, and supported, tiny seeds supported to sprout and onward for transplanting around our city. Into our schools, universities, hospitals, and public gardens.

A symbol of hope from the epicentre of terrible destruction, shared between strangers.

A symbol of peace, shared between friends.



“We feel extremely honoured to have the opportunity of having a ginkgo tree planted within our school grounds. We look forward to watching it grow over the years as we reflect on its history and consider the story of its resilience. We hope that it will become a source of inspiration for our students and our wider school community as we all consider how we create a peaceful global community”.

- Zoe Morris, Headteacher



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