17 January 2022

Students have welcomed the new year with the spirit of personal development!

To begin 2022, Years 7 and 8 took the opportunity to focus upon building their Growth Mindset during a week of Personal Development Mornings.

Students enjoyed working closely with their tutors, finding ways to boost their effort, and achieve even more success during their studies. They will continue to explore throughout the Spring Half Term, deepening their understanding of our Qualities of Success (QofS) and developing into Chorlton High Lifelong Learners.

Our Future Foundations Pastoral Curriculum supports the learning of important life skills through discovery and experimentation, whilst also highlighting the important correlation between our exceptional Extra Curricular offer and a students ongoing creative growth. Within this curriculum, Year 7 work towards gaining badges for practising each of our school Qualities (first badge - “I Embrace Life and Prepare to Success” and second badge - "I support my community and make a difference to it”), by participating in a range of events to demonstrate empathy for, and raise awareness of, issues affecting their local communities.

In Year 8, students began the PIXL Edge LORIC Curriculum and worked amazingly hard to gain their badges for 'Leadership' and 'Organisation' by planning a range of charity drives throughout our school, and leading lesson activities during Form time.

In Years 9 and 10, students use the Personal Development Mornings to both investigate and develop ownership of their emotional literacy. They use the opportunity to explore in depth the themes of reflection, organisation, resilience, initiative and communication to ensure that key skills and attributes are embedded for success, both at school and in the workplace.

During this week, we also celebrate leadership, with each KS4 student receiving a SSAT Student Leadership Accreditation for presenting a portfolio of evidence to showcase the themes above (in red) and demonstrate the skills they have acquired.

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