24 January 2019

Our Year 10 Student Council welcomed Lindy Newns from the Chorlton Civic Society, to provide them with valuable mental health information and training.

The training held in our fantastic school library, focussed on hidden mental health issues and how these can impact different people in different ways. It introduced the problems many students can face whilst at school and at home, and allowed our council to discuss various processes used to identify and support those who may be in need. They also explored stereotypes, prejudice and stigmas and how an understanding of these three definitions can help to enrich the caring community within our school.


Our council will now deliver their own mental health presentations to their various Form groups, with the aim of working towards a positive impact for any student or member of staff who may be suffering in silence. Going forward, they would also like to develop ‘Wellbeing Wednesday’ alongside a series of positive postcards with messages, quotes and affirmations to help celebrate and strengthen this compassionate drive.


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