23 January 2019

Dear Students, Parents and Carers,

The Chorlton High School’s Year 8 Curriculum Pathways booklet is an important guide to the learning pathways available to students as they move into Year 9. It outlines the programmes of study available to them and provides essential information as they begin to personalise their curriculum for the future.

In Year 9 students begin to shape their own learning pathways. Through Year 7 and 8 students at Chorlton High School experience phenomenal breadth in their curriculum; they will have been able to explore three technology disciplines, study two modern foreign languages and experience four discrete Arts subjects in addition to the more traditional subjects on their curriculum timetable. In Year 9 the focus shifts to developing a deeper understanding of the subjects that they have chosen to specialise in. Students will choose a number of subject areas and the additional concentrated time in these lessons will enable them to ‘master’ the subject, fostering deeper conceptual understanding of the subject. This will build powerful knowledge which ensures that all students are sufficiently challenged according to their starting points, and grasp the key concepts needed for high-level success at Year 11 and beyond.

The feedback from our current Key Stage 4 students tells us that they relish the opportunities for increased pace and challenge during their Year 9 Curriculum. In addition to this, rates of attainment and progress have rapidly increased due to enhanced levels of engagement and motivation. We believe that continuing with this approach will best prepare our students for the revised GCSEs and the new Technical Awards that all students will study at Key Stage 4.

Year 9 is therefore a transitional year, preparing students for continuing success in their studies. As students progress through Year 9 and into Year 10 they will begin to move toward a qualification based course. As you may be aware educational reforms by the current Government have led to the revision of qualifications and the introduction of new GCSE specifications in all subjects. The overviews and guidance here is based on the most up to date materials from examination boards. However, it is important to point out that the information contained in the booklet may be subject to change; if this is the case we will inform you as more information is made available.

The school offers a wide range of subjects at Key Stage 4, the variety of which has been recognised both locally and nationally. We are extremely proud of both the standards our students achieve and the fact that we support students in shaping a curriculum which will ensure the best possible chances for future success. Our aim as we move into Year 9 is to enable all our students to become successful learners through a combination of academic rigour and creative approaches that allow them to explore subjects at a deeper level. This in turn will lead our students onto the most appropriate qualifications, ensuring that they can move onto further education, employment or training and become successful, creative and happy.

I wish all Year 8 students success this year and hope that they continue to aim for excellence in their learning journey through Key Stage 4.

Ms Z. Morris


Key Dates over the next three weeks:

At this event Ms Morris, Headteacher, will explain the rationale behind our Year 8 Curriculum Pathways process and you will have an opportunity to explore the different subjects and qualifications on offer at our Subject Marketplace. Staff from all curriculum areas will be on hand to discuss and share exemplar work from each pathway being offered to students.


To ensure that all students are supported in making their decisions regarding their future areas of study, students will be allocated a 10-minute appointment with a member of staff. These interviews will give students an opportunity to ask any questions about the pathways on offer or to find support with any concerns they may have. All students will be issued with an appointment card for their interview.


By this date all Year 8 students will be expected to have handed their completed Curriculum Pathways Form to their Form Tutor in Tutor time.


Please see our booklet below for further pathways information:


Please see below for a downloadable version of our pathways booklet:

Curriculum Pathways Booklet

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