The Arbor App brings all the functionality of our desktop Parent Portal to your phone. With it, you can find attendance statistics, and behaviour points, view notifications regarding detentions, and update personal information on your child’s profile.


Downloading the Arbor App and enabling push notifications

Download the app below:

For Android (Google Play)

Android: Please ensure you have turned on push notifications by going to Settings > Apps > Arbor > Notifications.

For iOS (Apple Store)

iOS: You will be prompted to receive push notifications when you download the app, please ensure you select ‘allow’.

Please enable push notifications to receive a notification when you have a new in-app message.

You will not be alerted to a new message and may miss important information, if you do not enable this, 


Logging in to the app for the first time

Please enter your email address to log in.

Your email address must be identical to the email address we hold on Arbor for you at school.

For any issues logging in, please email us at

Select the Chorlton High School.

For your first log in, you will be asked to read and confirm Arbor’s terms and conditions.

As a security measure you will be prompted to confirm your child’s date of birth.*

(*Please note, If you have more than 1 child at school, please confirm the date of birth of your eldest child. Once logged in, you can switch between children).


In-App Messages

When you receive an in-app message, you will receive a push notification.

Within Arbor App: You will see a notification at the bottom right of your screen on the profile icon.

Tap this to view your messages.

All new messages will be marked as 'new' with bold type.



If you are having difficulty accessing the app, please first check your log in email address matches the address you have provided us.

For assistance please contact:

If your log in details are correct and you are still not able to access the Arbor App, please use steps below:

  • If you have more than one child, make sure you are entering the date of birth of your eldest child, when accessing the Arbor app for the first time.
  • Only relatives who are primary guardians of a child can access the app.
  • The app will not function on a tablet.
  • Please do not contact Arbor directly. If you are unable to successfully log in, please contact school:



We encourage all parents and carers to use our School Gateway system for putting money electronically onto school dinner accounts. This reduces the need for your child to bring cash into school but also saves your child time during their limited break and lunchtime periods. If you have any problems accessing this system please do not hesitate to contact the school and we can support you with this. If needed we can issue you with a PayPoint voucher to be able to upload cash at your local store onto the School Gateway account, rather than providing cash to your child.

If you do not wish to access the School Gateway service, it is currently still possible for your child to upload cash to their accounts.

Cash payments can be made into an automatic cash revaluation terminal located in the school dining room which is set to accept:

£20 - £10 - £5 Notes

£2 - £1 - 50p - 20p - 10p coins

(1p – 2p – 5p coins, cannot be used).

To use the machine the student simply places their finger on a scanner at the point of sale; a display will show the server the student’s name, tutor group and current cash balance held within the system. The student then puts the cash into the machine, presses a button and the cash will be added onto their account.



If parents prefer to pay by cash but do not want their children to take cash into school, parents can pay with cash via a PayPoint barcoded voucher at nominated PayPoint stores.

If parents wish to use the PayPoint facility they should notify the school and a voucher will be ordered and sent through the post. Once received it can be used immediately.

The PayPoint voucher is for payment for school meals only.  The minimum amount that can be credited to the account is £5 and the maximum is £150.  Separate vouchers can be requested from the school to pay for other items e.g trips.

Local PayPoint stores:

Egerton Road South Post Office
127 Egerton Road South
M21 0XN

54 Sandy Lane
M21 8TT

Co-op  Hardy Lane
349 Barlow Moor Road
M21 7QH

Co-op  Chorlton
479 Barlow Moor Road
M21 8AG

19 Chorlton Place Chorlton cum Hardy
M21 9AQ

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