15 February 2024

Image of STEM Careers Event - Feedback

After a recent STEM careers session, we caught up with two Year 8 students, Fahad and Mahad to hear about how they enjoyed it. 

‘I really enjoyed listening to the transport planner. I never really thought about how we move around cities before. I found out about how buildings like stadiums are constructed and the materials they use. I liked it because it’s a job that helps people’

‘The game designer, he really had passion! He explained how you animated, and how long it takes to script games. He was good at answering my questions and worked on Lego games, he really inspired my future.’ 
‘Most helpful, was finding about different careers I hadn't thought about like transport planner, engineer, finance, software developers.’

‘I was really engaged by the engineer. I thought I couldn't do it, but then they showed me how and it made me think about it as a career.’

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