15 November 2023

Image of Discovery Day - UNICEF UK

Students enjoyed a fantastic opportunity to take part in 'Discovery Day' a special event organised by The UK Committee for UNICEF (UNICEF UK). This event is an important step towards our city being recognised as a Child Friendly City.

The Discovery Day was a chance for our school, along with other schools and organisations from across Manchester, to come together and work towards a common goal - creating a community that is inclusive and supportive of all children.

Through a day of activities, discussions and competitions, young minds shared their ideas, experiences, and perspectives, filling the room with enthusiasm and energy! A wonderful event to be part of this initiative resonates alongside every one of our school Qualities of Success. We are proud our young people are joining forces with UNICEF UK, being heard, and contributing to a global mission of creating a world that is safe, nurturing, and empowering for every child.

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