17 March 2023

Image of Speak The Truth Not Power

‘Work with the bravest people on earth’, advocating for human rights issues to foster a social good approach to business that celebrates agents of change, and to ensures change lasts.

They educate millions of students around the world about human rights, training the next generation of leaders to realise a more just and peaceful world.

Excited Year 7 students were invited to a RFK Human Rights UK event at Contact Theatre, to enjoy meeting fellow students from around Greater Manchester and take part in a ‘Speak Truth to Power’ workshop exploring human rights.

Workshop leaders – LOUDSPEAKER provide the tools for young people to speak out in public and speak their best, championing them to be ready to meet and make any opportunity. They expertly steered timid students, building confidence to share their ideas, discuss each other’s opinions, and speak out on stage to a gathered audience. Emphatic music thundered throughout this amazing event. The positive and happy atmosphere enabled students to grow more assured, empowering a trust in themselves to deliver and achieve.


‘Best day ever!’ was a common review.

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