14 February 2023

Image of A Light Endures

Sarah Sonaj Griffin was an infant when soldiers of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party arrived to capture her. Sarah and her mother were found cowering in an attic space by a young German recruit, but with his officer downstairs, he decided to leave them hidden and no doubt saving their lives. Unfortunately, his compassion was just a small light amongst the vast darkness that engulfed Sarah, her family, and millions of Jewish people during their persecution in WW2.



We were thrilled when Sarah agreed to visit and honoured to welcome her into our school. Her story illustrates, as directly as is now possible, for our young people, a terrible period in our shared histories. Her painful recollections serve as witness testimony to the trauma exacted on others by others, because they were deemed to be different. They also, and more importantly, exemplify a collective will to live despite the merciless terror of the Holocaust.

Survivors living long and bountiful lives, and Jews with their faith utterly undimmed.

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