6 December 2022

Image of Bookbuzz delivery

We have a great Library at Chorlton High School and a huge range of books to suit everyone. However, nothing beats actually owning a book. It is yours to keep and cherish and read again and again.  Research from the National Literacy Trust shows that only one in five children in the UK actually own any books of their own.

This is where Bookbuzz comes in!

Bookbuzz carefully choses books for Year 7 and 8, that will suit all interests and reading levels, from keen readers to uninterested ones and advanced readers to those for whom accessing books is a real challenge. So there is something for everyone. Chorlton High School has taken part in Bookbuzz since it beagn and gifts a book to students in Year 7 and 8 every year.

‘Gifting the Bookbuzz books is the best part of my job’ said Ms Hockey, our School Librarian. ‘The excitement of receiving their books at last is fantastic to witness.

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