14 November 2022

Image of Year 7 Reading Challenge

The Odyssey collection features 20 books specially chosen for Year 7s to read during their first year at Chorlton High School. There is something for everyone; graphic novels, short books, adventure books, magical books, books to inspire, take you to other countries and show you other people’s lives. Read at least two of the books and fill out your Odyssey postcard.

Read some of them already? Choose something new to you, challenge yourself!

How many can you read? How many adventures are waiting?

An odyssey is a long and eventful journey or experience. It doesn’t have to be a physical journey. It can also include experiences that shape and change us. A new school, with new friends, learning new things and exploring all that secondary school can offer.

All the books are available in our amazing Chorlton High School Library

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