18 July 2022

Image of Extended Learning Experiences

Our first, full year back together as a school, drew to a close as students from Year 7-10 enjoyed a week of Extended Learning Experiences (ELE).

ELE's are an exciting opportunity for students to engage in a range of activities designed to enhance their understanding of the world around them and how they might use this knowledge to improve their lives and benefit those around them. It is also an opportunity for students to gain valuable skills and experience working in teams, and as individuals, alongside professionals in a variety of fields including; social care, business, education, sport, arts and culture.

Year 7 enjoyed a fun range of fantastic arts and science activities including exciting experiments, Drama workshops, circus skills, Bollywood dancing and even a silent disco!

They also took part in their very own mystery, The deadly case of the baneful baguette!

Our student sleuths, upon entering the crime scene, discovered their unfortunate casualty. Poor Mr Felda, once the friendly, good-natured Head of MFL, now the doomed victim of a wayward French savoury!

Could the team work together, using their language skills to decipher the evidence, overcome secret codes and find the culprit of this puzzling crime?


Year 8 young artists, working alongside professional artists and their Arts and Tech teachers, used their creative skills to transform our sports hall into an awesome festival space.

The spectacular Dance Crew blew open this colourful event. Glitter was suddenly everywhere, and ice cream was the go-to party food! A carnival atmosphere, already lifted, continued upwards with an outstanding performance by our AMAZING Chorlton High musicians. Circus skill workshops and brilliant photo booth portraits followed, before a sudden and instant quiet overtook the festivities…but not the smiles or the dance moves as shuffling feet began to enjoy the silent disco!


In preparation for next September, the overriding focus for Year 9 was developing their resilience and motivation, expertly supported by Team Maths.

After their rigorous learning groundwork, students enjoyed a well-earned rest. A day outing to Chester Zoo, an afternoon of playing football, reading quietly in the library or a mindfulness session helped to bolster student wellbeing and end their ELE in a relaxed way.


Careers, colleges, and future opportunities took prominence for our Year 10 students. Inquisitive and ambitious, expanding their outlooks and researching their own potential success within different types of work and working environments. Future leaders, demonstrating a growing maturity, and impeccable behaviour, experiencing life at a college and throughout three wonderful enrichment trips.


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