31 May 2022

Art is for everyone, not just artists or creatives. It is for anyone who wants to express themselves, their emotions, feelings and ideas.

Art is universal. It can transcend culture, gender, and time. Through it, we can explore, examine and enjoy who we are as an individual, and as a part of a wider community.

Art allows for mistakes. It doesn't have to be beautiful, and you don't need to be talented to begin. We can find freedom without fear, to say what we mean, and mean what we say.

For 20 years, Chorlton Arts Festival (CAF) has encouraged audiences to enjoy a fantastic array of artworks, performances, talks, walks and community activities. The festival embodies the same ethos our school thrives by, enabling everyone to be Successful, Creative, Happy, regardless of their circumstances.

This year was no different. We celebrated this wonderful anniversary with three amazing CAF performances; Chorlton Young Musician, 'Magpie' by Chorlton High Arts Team : Site Specific (CHAT : SS), Composers and Choreographers.

An incredible creative showcase!

We were joined by performers across our creative community. Local primary and secondary students arrived to wow each of our judges with their truly amazing performances.

Our winners:
Rosa (CHS South), crowned Chorlton Young Musician (Secondary).
Karis, crowned Chorlton Young Musician (Primary).


Our talented dancers and actors produced a heart-warming performance, guiding our audience on an emotional exploration of life, death and everything in between!

A powerful and affecting evening with our audience moved to tears.


With all original music and choreography, Team Dance and Music, worked tirelessly throughout the week to produce an incredible blast of talent, energy and optimism!

A great way to end our 20th anniversary of Chorlton Arts Festival.

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