25 May 2022

Dear members of our Trust community,

Once again, we say a huge thank you to our staff and the school communities that support them, for the tireless commitment
shown to our students on a daily basis. It has been quite a year for many reasons, but things are gradually becoming more
settled and this term has seen the return of external exams for hundreds of students. They have experienced a very difficult
journey on the road to completing these exams, but it has been eased through the hard work of their staff, who have
consistently gone above and beyond to give them the best possible chance of performing at their best. This exam season will
be like no other, not least because it lasts longer than any before, but thank you for all you do in helping students towards an
appropriate future destination.

Wishing our students and school communities a good half term break,

Linda Jones, Chief Executive Officer
Dave Bell, Executive Headteacher
Andy Park, Executive Headteacher



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