12 May 2022

Image of Break Dancing and B*boying

Nick Power aka B*Boy Relay, International breaker, and choreographer delivered a high energy Break Dance Masterclass in our Blue Box Theatre.

Stylised footwork, athletic moves, and humour, all combined in a fast-paced workshop for students from Years 8-10. Unsure at first, but soon swept up in a blur of Toprocks (foot movement performed while standing), Downrocks (normally performed with the hands and feet on the floor), Go-Downs (transition from Toprock down to the floor) and improvisation!

Our dancers absolutely loved every minute. Learning together and motivating each other. To end the class, students tested their new moves and techniques, in a 1 on 1 cypher!

Cyphers are a spontaneous circle, formed of B-boys and B-girls, in which breakers dance freely, test their improvisations, and battle to the rhythm of music.

B*Boy Relay encouraged each breaker to work with the other, not in competition, but as collaboration of their moves, energies, and emotion. Their performances were awesome. Each one, starting slowly, hesitant, and anxious. Feeling their way into the dance, letting the beat infuse their thoughts, their gestures, and growing in confidence with every break (rhythms and sounds) in the music.

Moving and inspirational, it was a brilliant moment of creative expression. Students leaving exhausted, thanked Nick for this amazing experience.

Our huge thanks to Nick and to Contact Theatre for this incredible opportunity.

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