11 May 2020

The Chorlton Arts Festival 2020 - the show must go on!

The Chorlton Arts Festival was first staged in 2002 as a way to celebrate our diverse and creative Chorlton community.

Chorlton High School was at heart of this original festival, and every May  since, we have successfully staged our own week-long series of events, enabling children from across Chorlton and South Manchester to embrace Theatre, Visual Arts, Music and Dance.

This year was no different; plans were in place; shows were cast, and rehearsals had started. However, as the last few months have unfolded it became clear that our own Blue Box Theatre would need to follow in the footsteps of the ‘West End’ and remain dark for the month of May. 

But surely, the show must go on?

Definitely and our amazing staff and students have responded, using their usual creativity and resilience to overcome the challenges of this lockdown and stage our very first Virtual Chorlton Arts Festival! 

This year we celebrate Chorlton Arts Festival with an array of special digital events. Our Art gallery has moved online, gardens have become rehearsal spaces, and stages have been replaced with our own homes; mobile phones have relayed performances back to our brilliant technicians who have worked incredibly hard to weave it all together.

#RockTheLockdown Events:

Monday 18th May

Take Flight - A Drama Scripted Play

Tuesday 19th May

Lockdown Art - an online Art Gallery

Wednesday 20th May

Chorlton Young Musician 2020

Cardboard Circus - Lempen Puppet Theatre Company

Thursday 21st May

Quarantine - CHAT:SS (Chorlton High Arts Team: Site Specific)

Friday 22nd May

Composers and Choreographers

We would love to celebrate with all of our Chorlton community, we hope you join us across our website and social media channels, to share in this extra special week filled with imagination, creativity and inspiration!

This year we will #rockthelockdown

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