25 February 2020

Year 9 trip to experience History in action!

The History Department took 40 of their Year 9 students to Beamish in County Durham on Tuesday to immerse themselves in the living history of the museum, with real trams, school rooms, coal pit, village, shops, houses and high street. This experience truly brings History to life and gives Year 9 students the opportunity to take on the role and fully understand what life was like in the Industrial Era. Students experienced the 1900s Pit Village School and enjoyed a lesson on education from Ma’am who explained how students would have to ‘write with their right only.’ Some of the students had a technological detox and enjoyed playtime games whilst other students visited the working coal mine. Part of the visit was to take part in an investigation to interview the characters of the Edwardian town to determine why diphtheria had killed a local child and how the town could prevent it from happening again in future.

The visit gives students a contextual understanding of what life was like during the Industrial Era of Medicine Through Time, which they are currently studying in History, but a transferable context of how life looked in their locality of Manchester 100 years ago. This unique opportunity will allow students to visualise social life rather than read about it from a textbook, and bridge the knowledge they have learnt in lessons.

We are proud that the experience is a reminder to students that History is living, and this will hopefully encourage them to continue to question their roots.

Thanks to Mrs. Scott - @historicalsando for the stunning photography!

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