12 December 2019

In preparation for the General Election, our Whole School Council have organised a mock Chorlton High Election.

A selection of our Year 11 students and Year 11 Alumni (currently working at CHS as Teaching Assistants), offered to stand as 'candidates' to represent the views of the main political parties. They each wrote and recorded a party broadcast to set out their intended policies and vision for the future.

Before today's election, each candidate broadcast was shown in our dining room and a political debate/question time was organised. This brilliant event allowed the candidates to present their policies, fielding audience questions and leading a discussion on a huge breadth of issues and topics in order to secure votes.

Our Chorlton High polling station opened today at break and lunch times for each student to make their vote! We will announce the results once they have been counted this evening.

We have shown no bias or affiliation towards any political party and have endeavoured to represent them and their policies in a non-partisan way. With this mock election we aim to present an opportunity to equip our students with the skills to inform themselves and become actively involved in the world around them.

Chorlton High School decides...

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