How has the school environment been cleaned to prepare for my child to return to school?

  • The school has been deep cleaned and there is a process of regular deep cleaning in place.
  • The classroom used for the session will only be used for one student group per day. When the students leave it will be deep cleaned ready for the next day.
  • The school is lucky to have good handwashing facilities around the school to cope with a reduced number of students. The study group and key worker provision groups will be given a ‘dedicated’ toilet areas which means that no more than 2 groups of students will access the washing facilities in this area over any one day. In addition to this, the entrance to this area will be controlled to limit students at the sink areas at any one time and there is frequent cleaning of this area by an onsite housekeeping team.


What measures will the school put into place to limit their contact with others?

  • In line with Department of Education (DfE) recommendations, the following measures will be put in place:
  • Students in the key worker provision will not exceed 15, allowing for us to maintain social distance practices
  • Student accessing the year 10 provision will not exceed 12.


Year 10 provision specifically:

  • Your child may not be taught by their class teacher, but all groups will be taught by English, Maths and Science specialist teachers during their session in school.
  • The same teacher will teach the sessions each week thus proving continuity.
  • Children from different student groups will not be able to mix together, therefore there will be staggered arrival and departure times.

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