Our Spanish and French Curricula intends to ignite a curiosity and love of languages and other cultures. Through a focus on both culture and communication, the MFL department aim to foster a passion for exploring a foreign language and comparing it to our own. Language learning provides an insight into other countries and cultures and thus widens our intellectual horizons. 

Learning a foreign language builds a deeper understanding of your own and in addition to the obvious benefits for the key skills of communication and literacy, MFL learners are required to work collaboratively with their peers and develop independent skills. The study of MFL, particularly in Key Stage 4, requires students to explore the notions of citizenship and personal and social responsibility, equipping them with the skills needed to excel in an increasingly small world.

Furthermore, through developing respect, tolerance and interest in other cultures foreign language learning allows students to empathise, communicate and work successfully with others around the world.


At Chorlton High School we are immensely proud of the MFL provision we offer. 

We are very proud that over the past three years we have had improved French results year on year. This year our focus in language mastery and creativity led to 25.9% of French students achieving grade 7-9 in their GCSE.

We are also proud that we have improved Spanish results year after year. This year 23.5% of Spanish students acheived grade 7-9 in their GCSE. 

Languages are all about communication and travel. We provide a robust program of study with a focus on mastery that allows students to be creative in their production of language. Our lessons endeavour to provide a creative and exciting space where students can be inventive with their language skills. We find that by allowing students to explore languages through games, purposeful communication and receptive tasks, learners take real ownership of their own learning. We have a heavy focus on memory and recall which results in students being able to manipulate and produce the language in both spoken and written formats in a personal way. As a department we are continually impressed by how creative and imaginative our learners can be in Spanish and French.

We follow the AQA course (9-1) and are proud of the resources we provide for our students. Each student has free access to the online interactive textbook (KS3 – Allez, KS4 – Oxford AQA GCSE) which allows learners to recap aspects of the lesson on independently go further in their learning to really excel in their language learning. We also support vocabulary learning through regular use of Memrise allowing students out of school opportunities to consolidate their learning of key terms.



Normally during open evening, we would ask visitors to play some language learning games and sample some French delicacies. 


Language Learning Game: Practise some French colours by playing a flower growing game. Please use the audio for reference HERE


Delicious French Food

Since you can’t sample some of our French delicacies this year, why not try making some delicious crepes of your own. Making French crêpes – when you’re done feel free to upload a picture to Instagram and tag #chorltonhighmfl

Research and Planning: You may need to look up some of the instructions and instruction vocab on wordreference.com

Production: pour environ trente crêpes

  • 500 grammes de farine
  • 4 oeufs
  • 1 litre de lait
  • 2 cuillères à soupe d’huile
  • 1 pincée de sel
  • Une banana et des fraises

Dans un récipient, mélange tous les ingrédients avec un fouet.

Fais cuire à la poêle ou dans une crêpière avec un petit morceau de beurre.

Verse un peu de pâte dans la poêle chaude avec une louche.

Laisse dorer pendant quelques secondes, puis retourne la crêpe.

Sers avec de la confiture ou du Nutella, une banane coupé et  des fraises. Miam-miam!

Be creative with your toppings and design!



Normally during open evening, we would ask visitors to play some language learning games and sample some Spanish delicacies. 

Language Learning Game:  Practise some Spanish colours by playing pong!



Delicious Spanish Food

Since you can’t sample some of our Spanish delicacies this year why not try making a delicious Spanish tortilla. when you’re done feel free to upload a picture to Instagram and tag #chorltonhighmfl

Production: Ingredientes

  • 6 huevos
  • patatas, de unos 600 gr. en total
  • 1 cebolla pequeña
  • 2 vasos de aceite de oliva
  • Sal

Consejo: A la hora de dar la vuelta a la tortilla en la sartén, ayúdate de un plato grande y plano.

Picar la cebolla en dados medianos. Pela y lava las patatas. Córtalas en rodajas finas de medio centímetro. Echa un chorro de aceite en una sartén y fríe la cebolla y las patatas durante unos 25 minutos a fuego suave. Cuando pase este tiempo, retira la mezcla de la sarten y resérvala.

Bate los huevo en una fuente y sálalos. Echá la mezcla de cebolla y patatas a los huevos.

Pon aceite a calentar de nuevo (mejor si reservas parte del que has utilizado para la cebolla y las patatas). Echa la mezcla y remueve un poco con una cuchara de madera. Cuando empiece a cuajarse, separa los bordes, cubre la sartén con un plato de mayor diámetro que la sartén y dale la vuelta. Échala de nuevo para que cuaje por el otro lado.

¡ ñam ñam!


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