We want the opportunity for students to be creative and learn how to express themselves.

We want students to have a visual dictionary to enable them to decode the increasing visual world around them.

We want students to be able to question, critique, describe and subvert their world - only Art can do this honestly. 

We need students need to think about ideas. If you teach them self-expression, you are adding to democracy. 

We want to ensure that our curriculum is relevant and engaging, we want to ensure students are aware of contemporary artists talking about their world. 

Drawing is one of the most effective ways to remember new information. It goes right back to our first conscience expression of thought. 

Why do you think oppressive regimes always try to censor art and lock up artists? (China Ai Weiwei)

It reduces cognitive load, simplifying complex ideas.

It improves outcomes across the curriculum.


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We have a large vibrant art team who are based in 4 purpose-built studios. We are fantastically resourced in terms of materials and equipment. The art we make with our students, is engaging, relevant and exciting.

We include a full range of skills in our curriculum including painting, drawing, photography, sculpture and many, many more.


Try to recreate a famous piece of art that makes you think of positive things using things found around the home.



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