Below, you can meet and hear from members our first class teaching staff. Each video delves deeper into their methods, passions and ways they will enable your child to be successful with every step of their Learning Journey.


BBC Bitesize Superstar, Mr Gibson introduces Mastery Mathematics and the ways creativity helps with problem solving.


What has kept Ms Daly teaching here at Chorlton High since 2001 and why she chose our school for her own children.


Why Mr Langstaff decided to return to Chorlton High and through RESPECT he helps to create a caring, creative community.


Keeping current in response to the Black Lives Matter movement, Ms Baig talks about big topics in oracy and English.


Get involved! Science teachers, Ms Armit and Ms Dobson, on extracurricular opportunities at Chorlton High including GSA, Duke of Edinburgh and STEM club.

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