Downloadable Past Papers


The files on this page are intended to support Year 11 examination revision and preparation. In each file there are a number of resources that can be used for self-study and examination practice.

The files are contained in compressed archive files, in .zip format. These can be opened on any computer running Windows or macOS, using bundled archive and compression software. If you are using a mobile device and are unable to open these archive files you may need to install an archive and compression app, such as WinZip, from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

The resource files, contained in these compressed directories, are predominantly in Adobe Acrobat, .pdf, format, but there may also be some files in presentation or document formats, as well as audio files. Readers/players for these files can also be found on the various app stores, if not already installed. Please note that Chorlton High School can accept no responsibility for any software installed on any device.


Previews of these files are not available. Please click on the download icon  next to the subject to download the resource folder to your device.


Year 11 Past Papers for Self-Study

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