The electronic Chorlton High School Academic Report replaces our old, paper based, Written Report and is designed to drive academic progress and enable independence by focusing on student’s strengths and areas for development in each of their subjects. For their specified areas for development, students have been provided with ‘Solutions’, tailored to enable independent study and learning.

The Chorlton High School Academic Report can be accessed online via smartphone, tablet and laptop

Enabling Independence

The new report has three distinct areas:

Areas of strengths are identified through performance in examinations, in classwork or in Home Learning and show where a student is successful.

Areas for development are identified next steps that will help boost academic progress in the subject

Solutions are linked resources (either online or through textbooks) that will help the student make the progress – which are specifically linked to their Area for Development.

CHS Learning Journey

All students have a 5-year learning journey at Chorlton High School to enable them to become Successful, Creative and Happy. Good learning habits are crucial to enable success. One such habit is independent study. We encourage you to talk to students about their report and encourage them to complete the Solutions that they have been provided with in each subject.  

The Solutions that we send out on the report are a snapshot of the available online resources that have been developed by each subject to enable independent study across the entire course. We recommend that you spend time with your child exploring all of them to utilise this fantastic learning resource.

The end of year Tutor Report which reflects on student’s personal development will be sent out in the Summer Term.

We believe that developing independent study habits will support our students becoming Successful, Creative and Happy.


N.B. CHS 'Therapies' are now called CHS Solutions

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