Read and download our Year 10 CHS Learning Journey Booklet below.

CHS Learning Journey Booklet Year 10


Please click here for further CHS Learning Journey information.


Year 10 Independent Learning

Additional Learning Resources


Year 10 CHS Solutions

These CHS Solutions are designed to help students boost their progress in each subject studied over their 5-year learning journey at Chorlton High School. In the main, they are tailored to specific areas for development that are identified by students and staff following their Progress Tests. By clicking on the link above students will be directed the solutions for their Year group, where they can continue to develop their independent learning concentrate on the areas and subjects that they need, in order to boost their progress.




Please see below for reference material relating to our recent Year 10 Post 16 Information Evening:

Y10 Post 16 Evening resource


Please see below for material relating to our KS4 How to Revise Parent Event:

KS4 How to Revise - English

KS4 How to Revise_Maths

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