What will the provision look like?

Each week your child will be invited in as part of a ‘study group’ of approximately 10 - 12 students. Each study group will be in school for a three hour ‘face-to face’ session on the same day and same time each week. It is vital that the expectations around this provision are adhered to. Further details below:

  • Year 10 students will be assigned to a ‘Study Group’ of around 10-12 students.
  • Each study group has one specific day that they attend - every week. The session will last for three hours.
  • Each group has a clear time to arrive at the school and a set time for departure.
  • On arrival students will have to line up at the main entrance (there will be distance marker on the grounds to support this).
  • A member of senior staff will greet them; take them to wash their hands before escorting them to one of the Science classrooms, where they will be based for their study session.
  • The seating plan in the room will mean that students are spaced out 2 metres apart
  • They will stay in the one room throughout the day and teachers will move round.
  • They will be given a short wellbeing session to start the day
  • This will be followed by three 45 minute sessions - one English, one Maths and one Science.
  • The sessions will review their learning in these core subjects, as well as support their use of MS Teams and other resources.
  • Students will have a short break, though they will remain in their classroom for this.
  • Student wanting to use the toilet and handwashing facilities during the break will be escorted to the assigned toilet block for their group.
  • At the end of the final session they will escorted back out through the main reception doors.
  • The provision will run from Monday, 15th June

The provision offered is based on the current guidance from the Government. Should this advice change then we will follow that advice and contact you with further details.

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