Southway Housing Junior Digital Champions:

Since 2015 our students have been taking part in an intergenerational 'Junior Digital Champion' project in collaboration with Southway Housing. The students hold half-termly digital drop in sessions at school and pair off with Southway Housing residents to deliver digital training. Residents come to the sessions with specific things they wish to learn and develop. Through these sessions students have learnt the importance of digital inclusion and how they as young people can share their skills with people not familiar with the use of digital technology.

Growing Together:

Over the last year students from Chorlton High School have been working with Arden Court, a retirement home in Chorlton, and Debdale Eco Centre to support the 'Growing Together' project. The project, which is run by Debdale Eco Centre, aims to support retirement homes and their residents to develop a communal growing space.

The students have visited Arden Court a number of times to support the residents with their garden. Students have helped clear raised beds, sowed wild flower seeds, planted vegetables, and  helped with harvesting produce.

The visits have allowed the students work with older members of their local community and build intergenerational links as well as learn a new set of gardening skills.

“It’s great to see older and younger generations working together, learning and sharing knowledge and enthusiasm for gardening and wildlife. They are creating a space that will not only enhance the local environment but bring people closer to nature and the source of healthy sustainable food. This is so important for the well-being and resilience of our future communities and absolutely at the heart of the Growing Together project” (Sarah Taylor, Horticultural Trainer, Debdale Eco Centre).

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