The importance of reading is undeniable. Children who are read to regularly by the age of 5, perform better in maths, vocabulary and spelling at age 16, compared to those who were not read to at home. Similarly, teenagers who read independently are the ones who do best in school according to an Institute of Education survey. Not to mention the benefits to mental health and future wellbeing.

At CHS we are encouraging students to aim for 30 minutes of reading each day. It doesn’t have to be in one session; it can be chunked down. It doesn’t matter whether they read a physical book, an e-book, an informational website connected to something they have been learning about, a graphic novel... so long as they are reading!

In order for students to see how their reading progress is mounting up, and so that we can celebrate their reading miles, we are launching Developing the Reading Habit. For each 15 minute session of reading a student does, they collect a signature and fill up their reading passport. Each passport equates to 10 hours of reading, broken down in to 15 minute chunks. When students have completed a passport, simply take a picture and email it, along with the student’s name and form, to in order to get a reading certificate and to be in with the chance of winning a prize. There are three prizes available for each year group. Not able to print off the chart? Not to worry. It is the reading that matters. Simply collect 40 signatures on a piece of paper and send us a picture.

Developing the reading habit reward chart

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