Students should:

  • Follow their normal school timetable each day.  This is accessed through parent gateway or you may contact school if you do not have a copy.
  • Access their lessons via Teams.  Students should login to Teams via or through the Teams App. It works best on a laptop/tablet but may also be accessed on a phone through the App.
  • Your child has a Team for every one of their classes/subjects.
  • Lessons are located in each Class Team under the ‘FILES’ tab.
  • If they get stuck, they may use the ‘’CHAT’ function to contact their class teacher/Head of Year/Head of School.  As teachers will be teaching during the lesson, there may be a delay in their response.
  • If they have technical problems or there is issue with IT access, please contact the school for alternative work to be provided.
  • If a live lesson is available and has been scheduled, it will happen at the time the lesson was originally scheduled and students will access this through their calendar on MS Teams. Students will receive alerts if a live lesson has been scheduled.

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