As a school we are aware that we have all had to adjust to a complete change of life and routine. We are well aware that our parents and carers are under a great deal of pressure, especially as we have concerns about our family members in light of this situation. On top of all of this you have also been navigating your child’s distance learning. We understand that as parents you want to get it right, and we will do this together. You need to make decisions about what you think is right for your family and your situation. What you will find here is a breakdown of our distance learning offer. It is broken down to support the revisiting and clarity of information. We hope you find this useful but remember: health and wellbeing must come FIRST. 

This section of the CHS distance learning part of the website covers the following:

  • A breakdown of what students are being asked to do for their distance learning.
  • It includes timetable subject priorities set by the school to help with prioritising at home.
  • A breakdown of the CHS timetable routine the school would prefer students to follow for each Year group.
  • Other potential suggested routines that students may choose to follow if our preferred option doesn't work for them or the family.
  • Useful resources to support students when using Microsoft 365.
  • A link to our Doddle website.
  • Answers to a selection of frequently asked questions (that arose from the parent survey many of you completed in the first week of distance learning).


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