What is a Co-operative MAT?

A Co-operative MAT is an Multi-Academy Trust that receives its funding directly from the Secretary of State via the Education Funding Agency.

As a Co-operative MAT we:

  • agree to adopt the Co-operative Values within our schools.
  • guarantee to provide a voice for the key stakeholders in our schools and local communities (e.g. parents, staff, learners and members of the local community).
  • collaborate and support other co-operative organisations and in particular other co-operative schools.

Chorlton High School converted to become an academy in order to access the additional freedoms that are available in the academy model. Through the consultation process it was clear that people were concerned as to how the academy status might affect the school in the future. The school was therefore keen to ensure we developed engagement with our key stakeholder groups such as the local community, parents, staff and students. The co-operative model provided a structured way to engage with those stakeholders and makes this engagement a legal requirement. In addition, the school felt that the cooperative values were aligned with the school values and could be used in a productive way to develop the school in the future.

By becoming a Co-operative MAT we ensure that:

  • our schools serve the needs of our communities by staying locally run
  • there is a long term commitment to good values through a co-operative ethos
  • there is a long term strategic commitment to engage all our key stakeholders, for example, parents, staff, learners and members of the local community