CHS Learning Trust

Welcome to the ‘CHS Learning Trust’. Our Aim is simple:

To develop Outstanding schools for the local community, providing the very best educational opportunities for our students irrespective of their ability or background.

The ‘CHS Learning Trust’ is built on and driven by a simple set of core values. We have developed a culture of excellence across our schools and we are committed to enabling all our students to become:


Learners who are imaginative risk takers who are prepared for lifelong adaptability.


Learners who are recognised and rewarded so their confidence comes from within.


Learners who go further, faster and have the foundations for lifelong success.

Our Trustees, Governors and staff are determined to work hard for our schools and their communities to ensure that all children succeed. We will continue to build on our success, becoming more effective in what we do and strengthening our academic achievements. We will continue to provide the happy, safe environment that our children look forward to coming to each day and will ensure that they are exceptionally well prepared for their future.

The creation of the CHS Learning Trust is an exciting phase in the development of our schools. The collaborative approach of developing the very best practice across the whole of our organisation will ensure that we are able to deliver the very best outcomes for all our students.

Andy Park,

Executive Headteacher, CHS Learning Trust