Year 11 Exams & Revision

Staff are working hard with Year 11 completing coursework, honing exam techniques and preparing for the up upcoming exams.

Prom Passports will be issued to students. In order to secure a place at this year’s Year 11 Prom every student is expected to complete their Prom Passport. Once they have finalised and submitted coursework to target grade and once they have attended enough revision sessions they will need to get each of their teachers to sign-off their subject. In addition students will be expected to demonstrate good effort in all lessons as well as maintain excellent attendance and punctuality in coming weeks.

To support exam preparation revision sessions continue to run every evening. In addition there are a number of Saturday sessions and a full Easter schedule on offer. Please click here for the Year 11 revision timetable. All sessions run from 9.30 – 12.30 and students are expected to be prompt, equipped and ready to learn in this value extra time. Alongside this students are expected to be working independently revising at home so that they are fully prepared and can secure success in the summer exam season.

Top 10 tips for Successful Revision:

  1. Make sure revision is planned in advance. It is a good idea put together a revision timetable a week in advance. The timetable should then be clearly displayed and followed – without exception.

  2. Chunk up revision – sessions should last no longer than 40 minutes at a time after which our brain needs a rest – then have a short 10 or 15 minute break - then get back to revising for another 40 minutes. It is anticipated that by now students should be completing a minimum of three sessions a night – more at weekends.

  3. Organise files, books and folders for each subject so there is easy access to everything needed well in advance and no time is wasted.

  4. Use Doddle and GCSE Pod to extend your resources and personalise revision.

  5. Work in a quiet, calm space with no distractions from TV’s, music, social media or people. Hand in your phone during the study periods to avoid temptation!

  6. Start with the hardest topics first – use the PLC’s for each subject as a guide.

  7. Try different revision techniques – use the Secrets of Success booklet and work out which strategies work best (anything from Mind maps to Post it-notes, Revision cards to Visualisation, past exam papers to Learning on line).

  8. Build in testing of knowledge and exam techniques so that checks can be made on how effective revision actually is.

  9. Try to maintain a healthy lifestyle: Include physical exercise, avoid too much caffeine, sugar and any other substance which potentially affects sleep patterns and eat well – particularly breakfast (plenty of fresh fruit -bananas are good brain food!), nuts, fish, complex carbohydrates.

  10. Build in weekly rewards and time to escape – it is important to keep a balance. In addition have a post-exam plan to look forward to – Y11 Prom, NCS, Music Festivals, and long, well-earned summer break!

Exam season

The actual exam season begins the week beginning on Monday 1st May 2017 and will run for seven weeks until Tuesday 27th June. The overall exam timetable will be published on the school website. Individual exam timetables will follow once entries have been agreed.

On exam days students are encouraged to attend breakfast revision – in G49 from 8’oclock for morning exams. Subject staff and members of the Achievement team will be on hand to offer last minute information, advice and support.

Results day is on Thursday 24th August 2017